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A selection from our stock. (Last updated 2 April 2014)
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18674 ALNWICK JOURNAL. THE ALNWICK JOURNAL AND NORTHERN LIGHTS. Vol 1, No. 1, [Alnwick: no imprint], July, 1871. 4to, (252x162mm), 16p. folded, unsewn, uncovered and entirely unopened in the head folded. Very lightly dust-soiled at the head of the first leaf, otherwise a very fine and undamaged copy. Printed on two half-sheets this has merely been folded to size and left unopened and therefore is utterly as issued. We find it strange that there is no printer's imprint,  office address or editorial matter to assist in identifying the editor, proprietor, or printer. Perhaps such sophistications would have been present on a sewn or tipped on wrapper, but none is present and there is certainly no evidence of any having ever been present. However, Manders Bibliography of British newspapers: Durham and Northumberland (1982) records a monthly under the title of Alnwick Journal and domestic monthly, edited we believe by John Lamb Luckley, which began a new series in July 1871 and although Manders notes no change in the sub-title, we must conclude that that is what this is. As well as local material, a considerable amount of space, and 3 illustrations, are devoted to the game of draughts. £40.00

18776 ANDERSON, James & others. THE PROVINCIAL PRESS. Report of a productivity team representing the British provincial press which visited the United States of America in 1951. London: Anglo-American Council on Productivity, 1952 Sm4to, (252x185mm), [6],85p. 26 plates. Original printed cloth, slightly soiled. £20.00

18777 ANDERSON, James & others. THE PROVINCIAL PRESS. Report of a productivity team representing the British provincial press which visited the United States of America in 1951. London: Anglo-American Council on Productivity, 1952 Sm4to, (252x185mm), [6],85p. 26 plates. Original wrappers, slightly soiled. £15.00

11400 BERREY, R. Power. THE ROMANCE OF A GREAT NEWSPAPER. London: News of the World, [c.1922]. 4to, (282x208mm), [4],59p. illustrations. Original quarter linen, front cover slightly soiled at the head. Author's gift inscription on the half-title. A history of the recent deceased and somewhat salacious Sunday newspaper which succeeds in tracing its descent from John Bell and his Weekly Messenger. £15.00

18498 BOYD-BARRETT, Oliver; Colin SEYMOUR-URE & Jeremy TUNSTALL. STUDIES ON THE PRESS. London: H.M.S.O., 1977. 8vo, (242x150mm); 397p. Original stiff wrappers. Royal Commission on the press working paper number 3. £15.00

7002 CAMROSE, Viscount. BRITISH NEWSPAPERS AND THEIR CONTROLLERS. Revised Edition. London: Cassell, 1948. 8vo, (246x152mm), 178p. 39 portraits. Original cloth, soiled, bookplate of The Newspaper Society Library. £12.00

15382 CARLISLE PATRIOT. THREE RECEIPTS FOR ADVERTISEMENTS PLACED IN THE CARLISLE PATRIOT. Carlisle: Carlisle Patriot, 1832-45. 3 items (68x194 to 130x207mm), printed on various papers, 2 of the pieces 'spiked.' A nice little collection showing the change of published from Thomas Ramsay in Wilsons Court, Castle Street (1832), Charles Thurnam in Wilson's Court (1835) and finally an unnamed publisher (perhaps George Irwin) at 2 Theatre Lane. £25.00

16584 CLEVERLEY, Graham. THE FLEET STREET DISASTER. British national newspapers as a case study in mismanagement. London: Constable, 1976. 8vo, (222x140mm), 175p. A very good copy in original hardback boards, dustjacket. £10.00

19562 CRANE, R.S. & F.B. KAYE. A CENSUS OF BRITISH NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS 1620-1800. Reprinted, London: Holland Press, 1979. 8vo, (222x145mm), [6],205p.  A good copy in original cloth, dustjacket. Reprinted from the original edition of 1927. £20.00

19561 CRANFIELD, G.A. A HAND-LIST OF ENGLISH PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS 1700-1760 Cambridge Bibliographical Society Monograph No.2. London: Bowes & Bowes, 1961. 4to, (256x180mm), 8,31p. Original stiff wrappers, covers slightly faded.  £10.00

19793 CRANFIELD, G.A. A HAND-LIST OF ENGLISH PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS AND PERIODICALS 1700-1760 Cambridge Bibliographical Society Monograph No.2. Reprinted with supplements by G.A.C. & R.M. Wiles. Brussels: Gregg, [1985?] 4to, (256x180mm), 8,31,[11]p. Original stiff wrappers, spine slightly faded.  £12.00

21555 CUDLIPP, Hugh. PUBLISH AND BE DAMNED! The astonishing story of the Daily Mirror. London: Andrew Dakers, 1953. 8vo,  (222x140mm), xii,292p. 24 plates. Original black cloth, gilt lettered, slight faded and the front tail corner bumped. £8.00

4505 DAHL, Folke. A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF ENGLISH CORANTOS and periodical newsbooks 1620-1642. London: Bibliographical Society, 1952. Sm.4to, (216x163mm), 284p. 16 illustrations. End-leaves lightly browned, otherwise a very good copy in original quarter linen. £2.50

7059 DESMOND, R.G.C. OUR LOCAL PRESS. A short historical account of the newspapers of Walthamstow. Walthamstow: Antiquarian Society, 1955. 8vo, (228x143mm), [6],76p. 8 plates and a folding chart of operating dates. Original cloth, backstrip and edges faded. £12.00

15009 FRANKFURTER ZEITUNG. GESCHICHTE DER FRANKFURTER ZEITUNG. Volksausgabe herausgegeben von verlag der Frankfurter Zeitung. Frankfurt am Main: Frankfurter Societätsdruckerei, 1911. 8vo, (244x165mm), xvi,1143p. frontispiece portrait. Original canvas, soiled. £10.00

19500 GREENWOOD, Jeremy. NEWSPAPERS AND THE POST OFFICE 1635-1834. [London?] Postal History Society, 1971. Sm.4to, (250x210mm), [61]ff. Cloth-backed printed wrappers. A xeroxed reprint (possibly unauthorised) from a library copy, reproduced from the authors typescript and printed on the recto of the leaf only. £15.00

19664 HART-DAVIS, Duff. THE HOUSE THE BERRYS BUILT. Inside the Telegraph 1928-1986. London: Hodder & Stoughton, 1990. 8vo (240x160mm), 368p. 50 plates. A very good copy in original boards, dustjacket. £15.00

16861 HINKS, John, Catherine ARMSTRONG & Matthew DAY (Editors). PERIODICALS AND PUBLISHERS. The newspaper and journal trade 1740-1914. London: British Library, 2009. 8vo, (208x149mm), xii,251p. 13 illustrations and 9 distribution maps. A fine copy in original hardback boards, dustjacket (NEW BOOK). This volume in the Print Networks series contains eleven original contributions by scholars working on periodicals and newspaper in the British Isles, outside London. The essays include case studies of individual publishers and their experiences in the print market and demonstrate the cultural and political significance of newspapers and periodicals and their producers. A new theme emerging from the essays is the range of relationships between producers and consumers of print who lived and worked in the provinces and their connections with London. Examination of the question of 'provinciality' sheds considerable new light on the connections between book trade people in all parts of the British Isles. Containing: Iain Beavan Forever provincial? a North British lament, Stephen Brown The market trade for murder and Edinburgh's eighteenth-century book trade, Stephen Colclough 'The retail newsagents of Lancashire are on strike': the dispute between the Lancashire retail newsagents and the 'Northern wholesalers', February-September 1914, Victoria Gardner Humble pie: John Fletcher, business politics and the Chester Chronicle, Graham Hogg Latter struggles in the life of a provincial bookseller and printer: George Miller of Dunbar, Scotland, Maire Kennedy William Flyn (1740-1811) and the readers of Munster in the second half of the eighteenth century, Jennifer Moore John Ferrar 1742-1804: printer, author and public man, Lisa Peters & Kath Skinner Selling the news: distributing Wrexham's newspapers 1850-1900, Michael Powell & Terry Wyke Manchester men and Manchester magazines: publishing periodicals in the provinces in the Nineteenth century, Ria Snowdon, Sarah Hogdson and the business of print 1800-1822, and Elizabeth Tilley National enterprise and domestic periodicals in nineteenth-century Ireland. £25.00

1262 HOWARD, Philip. WE THUNDERED OUT. 200 Years of The Times 1785-1985. London: Times Books, 1985. Folio, (378x280mm), 176p. profusely illustrated. Original cloth, slightly dust-soiled, dustjacket. A historical survey of technical developments, major journalists, and import issues and their contemporary significance. £15.00

3472 HOWARTH, Patrick. SQUIRE: 'Most Generous of Men.' London: Hutchinson, 1963. 8vo, (216x140mm), 308p. frontispiece. Original cloth, dustjacket. The biography of J.C. Squire, editor of the London Mercury and one of the most influential figures in the literary world of England in the 1920s. £6.00

3735 HUDSON, Derek. THOMAS BARNES OF THE TIMES. With selections from his critical essays never before reprinted. Edited by Harold Child. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1943. 8vo, (207 x 128mm.), xii,196p. 8 plates. Original cloth, backstrip and edges faded. £2.50

17589 HUTT, Allen. THE CHANGING NEWSPAPER. Typographic trends in Britain and America 1622-1972. London: Gordon Fraser, 1973. 4to, (297x210mm), 224p. 225 illustrations, the majority printed on a sepia ground. A internally clean ex-library copy in original cloth, marked only by a rubber-stamp on the title and cancelled library bookplate on the front free endleaf. £15.00

7720 ISAAC, Peter & Barry McKAY (Editors). THE MOVING MARKET. Continuity and change in the book trade. New Castle, Oak Knoll Press, 2001. 8vo, (218x150mm), xiv,201p. 18 illustrations. A fine copy in original laminated hardback boards. Print Networks series of papers from the annual Seminar on British Book Trade History, containing: Iain Beavan `What Constitutes the Crime which it is Your Pleasure to Punish so mercilessly?': Scottish Booksellers' Societies in the Nineteenth Century, Maureen Bell Reading in Seventeenth-Century Derbyshire: the Wheatcrofts and their Books, Diana Dixon New Town, New Newspapers: the Development of the Newspaper Press in Nineteenth-Century Middlesbrough, John Hinks The Beginnings of the Book Trade in Leicester, David Hounslow A Moving Market: The Influence of London Books of Street Cries on Provincial Editions to c 1830, Peter Isaac Splendide mendax: Publishing Landscape Illustrations of the Bible,  Philip Henry Jones The First World War and Welsh-Language Publishing, Wallace Kirsop From Curry's to Collins Street, or how a Dubliner Became the `Melbourne Mudie', Barry McKay John Atkinson's `Lottery' Book of 1809: John Locke's Theory of Education Comes to Workington, Lisa Peters The Troubled History of a Welsh Newspaper Publishing Company: the North Wales Constitutional Newspaper Company Limited 1869-1878, Janet Phipps Book Availability in Ipswich over the Years, Michael Powell & Terry Wyke `Aristotle to a Wery Tall Man': Selling Secondhand Books in Manchester in the 1830s, Sydney J. Shep Mapping the Migration of Paper: Historical Geography and New Zealand Print Culture, Richard B. Sher & Hugh Amory From Scotland to the Strand: the Genesis of Andrew Millar's Bookselling Career, and Jeffrey Smith Books and Culture in Late Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Newcastle.  £12.00

2398 ISAAC, Peter (Editor). NEWSPAPERS IN THE NORTHEAST. The ‘Fourth Estate’ at work in Northumberland & Durham. Newcastle upon Tyne: History of the Book Trade in the North, 1999. Sm.4to, (250x175mm), vi,162p. 16 illustrations. A fine copy in original paperback. Contains: Judith M Black, Development of the Shields Daily News 1864-1964; Peter Isaac, The Earliest Proprietors of the Newcastle Chronicle; Frank Manders, History of the Newspaper Press in Northeast England; Michael Preston, The Newcastle Journal 1832-1950; Patricia J. Storey, Some Nineteenth-Century Sunderland Newspaper Proprietors, Publishers and Editors and  Malcolm Watson, Heralding the Macaws. £15.00

9912 JACKSON, Mason. THE PICTORIAL PRESS. Its origin and progress. London: Hurst and Blackett, 1885. 8vo, (220x135mm), xii,363p. 154 illustrations. An ex-library copy in original cloth, gilt lettered. Traces the illustrated journal from the early news books to the illustrated newspapers of the nineteenth century £30.00

15136 LONDON GAZETTE. FORMS FOR NOTICES & ADVERTISEMENTS IN THE LONDON GAZETTE with notes of requirements as to authentication, &c. London: Harrison & Sons, the London Gazette Advertisement Agency, 1902. 8vo, (212x138mm), 16p. some spotting, original wrappers, slightly soiled, a faint rubber-stamp of J. Whitehead [booksellers and newsagents of Appleby] on the front cover. £15.00

19876 MANCHESTER GUARDIAN. FACSIMILE OF THE PRINTING SUPPLEMENT of The Manchester Guardian, 23 May 1922. Barnet: Stellar Press, 1967. Folio, (455x306mm), a full facsimile of this newspaper issue of historical printing interest. Folded (as issued) and internally fine in the original loose card covers, these slightly spotted.  Printed for presentation to delegates at the ATypeI conference held in Paris with a limited number also reserved for presentation to members of the Wynkyn de Worde Society. The facsimile includes a contribution by Stanley Morison (Appleton,The writings of Stanley Morison 11 note). £20.00

19721 MARZIO, Peter C. THE MEN AND MACHINES OF AMERICAN JOURNALISM. A pictorial essay from the Henry R. Luce Hall of News Reporting. Washington: Smithsonian Institution, [1973?] Sm.4to, (228x228mm.), 144p. profusely illustrated. Original paperback, spine worn. £15.00

9574 McKAY, Barry, Maureen BELL & John HINKS (Editors). LIGHT ON THE BOOK TRADE. Essays presented at the Nineteenth Seminar on the British Book Trade in honour of Peter Isaac. London: British Library; New Castle, DE.: Oak Knoll Press, 2004. 8vo, (218x150mm), viii,216p. illustrations. A good copy in original illustrated and laminated hardback boards. A volume in the Print Networks series of papers from the annual Seminar on British Book Trade History, containing: Caroline Archer Typography in nineteenth century children's readers: the Otley connection; Iain Beavan Staying the course: the Edinburgh cabinet library 1830-1844; Margaret Cooper Influential and mysterious: the career of Septimus Prowett bookseller, publisher and picture dealer; Diana Dixon Paths through the wilderness: recording the history of provincial newspapers in England; John Feather The history of the provincial book trade: a research agenda; John Gavin: Literary institutions in the Lake counties Part 4: catalogues; R.J. Goulden False imprints and the Bridger specimen books; David N Griffiths Print privilege and piracy in the Book of Common Prayer; John Hinks John Gregory and the `Leicester Journal'; David Hounslow From George III to Queen Victoria: a provincial family and their books; Philip Henry Jones Thomas Gee senior; Wallace Kirsop Baker's juvenile circulating library in Sydney in the 1840s; Lucy Lewis `For no man is an island, divided from the main' incunable sammelbande; Warren McDougall Charles Elliot's book adventure in Philadelphia, and the trouble with Thomas Dobson; Barry McKay Peter Isaac: a landmark removed and Books in Eighteenth-century Whitehaven; Michael Powell Taking stock: the diary of Edmund Harrold of Manchester; Brenda J. Scragg James Everett and the sale of Adam Clarke's library 1833: a newly discovered manuscript and David Stoker Freeman and Susannah Collins and the spread of English provincial printing.  £25.00

1463 MILLARD, Oscar E. UNCENSORED. The true story of the clandestine newspaper 'La Libre Belgique' published in Brussels during the German occupation. London: Robert Hale, [1937]. 8vo, (220x140mm), 284p.16 plates and a folding map. An ex-library copy in original cloth, RATHER WORN. £5.00

19644 MILNE, Maurice. THE NEWSPAPERS OF NORTHUMBERLAND AND DURHAM. A study of their progress during the golden age of the provincial press. Newcastle upon Tyne: Frank Graham, [1970?] 8vo, (216x138mm), 236p. 8 plates. A good copy in original cloth, dustjacket, bookplate. A significant history of the development of the provincial newspaper press in two of the northern counties in the half century following the repeal of the newspaper stamp act in 1855. £35.00

17973 NEWSPAPER SOCIETY. THE NEWSPAPER SOCIETY MONTHLY CIRCULAR. [Later (1963-)... NEWS], 12 Volumes  London: [The Newspaper Society], Whitefriars House, Jan.-Dec., 1953-63 & 66. Sm.4to, (229x173mm), around 200p per volume, numerous illustrations. A good run in uniform binders' buckram, gilt lettered, original wrappers preserved throughout, bookplate of the British Federation of Master Printers. As well as the monthly issues there are a number of annual reports presented to the Annual General Meetings of the Society, financial reports, and several advertising inserts present in various volumes. £110.00

7057 OLSEN, Kenneth E. TYPOGRAPHY AND MECHANICS OF THE NEWSPAPER. New York: Appleton, 1930. 8vo, (222x145mm), xviii,441p. numerous illustrations. Original cloth, slightly faded. Allegedly the first text on the mechanics and typography of newspaper production. £12.00

18432 POLLARD, Graham. NOVELS IN NEWSPAPERS: Some unpublished letters of Captain Mayne Reid. Reprinted from The review of English studies. Oxford: Oxford University press, 1942. 8vo, (229x157mm), pp72-85. Side-stapled in original printed wrappers. £5.00

5962 PRINTING HISTORICAL SOCIETY. JOURNAL OF THE PRINTING HISTORICAL SOCIETY No. 12. Edited by James Moseley. London: Printing Historical Society, 1977-8. 8vo, (245x145mm) [4],67p. 16 plates. A very good copy in original printed stiff wrappers. Contains: Michael Twyman Thomas Barker's Lithographic Stones, Michael Harris London Printers and Newspaper Production During the First Half of the Eighteenth Century, and Tony Dyson The Ross Records. £6.00

18931 READ, John. JOHN HARLAND 'THE FATHER OF PROVINCIAL REPORTING.' An article in The Manchester Review, Volume 8. Manchester: Manchester Libraries Committee, Autumn, 1958. 8vo, (215x140mm), pages 205-12 of 193-224. Original wrappers. £4.00

9287 SCHMOLLER, Tanya. LETTERS FROM A NEWSPAPERMAN IN PRISON: James Montgomery to John Pye Smith, 1796. Newcastle upon Tyne: History of the Book Club in the North, 2002. 8vo, (210x146mm), 34p. 4 illustrations. A fine copy in original wrappers. Transcriptions of 30 letters which display the day-to-day cares of a Sheffield printer and newspaper proprietor at the end of the eighteenth century. £5.00

12384 SCOTT, J.M. EXTEL 100. The centenary history of the Exchange Telegraph Company. London: Ernest Benn, 1972. 8vo, xii,240p. illustrations. An ex-library copy in original cloth. £5.00

6410 SCOTT, J.W. Robertson. THE STORY OF THE PALL MALL GAZETTE. Of its first editor Frederick Greenwood and of its founder George Murray Smith. London: Oxford University Press, 1950. 8vo, (216x136 mm), xii,470p. +2p author's adverts, 6 plates & 17 text illustrations. Original green cloth, backstrip rather spotted, dustjacket. Also contains information on the founding of the Dictionary of National Bibliography. £18.00

3988 SHANE, T.N. PASSED FOR PRESS. A centenary history of the Association of Correctors of the Press. London: Association of the Correctors of the Press, [1954]. Sm.4to (252 x 190mm.), 63p. 7 plates. Original cloth, dustjacket frayed, map on endleaves. £3.00

8907 SIMONIS, H. THE STREET OF INK. An intimate history of journalism. London: Cassell, 1917. 8vo, (215x138mm), xx,372p. 16 photogravure & 4 half-tone plates with 7 text illustrations. Original red cloth, head edge of the rear cover damp-stained. £10.00

7251 SINCLAIR, Robert. THE BRITISH PRESS. The journalist and his conscience. London: Home and Van Thal, 1949. 8vo, (189x128mm), 271p. 2 leaves loose and slight soiled at the edges. Original cloth, backstrip faded. £10.00

10610 SMITH, Anthony. GOODBYE GUTENBERG. The newspaper revolution of the 1980's. New York: Oxford University Press, 1980. 8vo, (226x148mm), xiv,367p. A good copy in original cloth, covers very lightly soiled. £10.00

12092 SMITH, Anthony. GOODBYE GUTENBERG. The newspaper revolution of the 1980's. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1981. 8vo, (202x133mm), xiv,367p. Original paperback. £5.00

3717 SMITH, Anthony. THE NEWSPAPER. An international Industry. London: Thames & Hudson, 1979. Sm.4to, (237x170mm), 192p. 111 illustrations. A very good copy in original paperback. £3.00

12149 (The TIMES) THE TIMES: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE. To celebrate two hundred years of publication. London: Times Newspapers, 1984. 4to, (285x232mm), 166pp. numerous colour & monochrome illustrations. A very good copy in original paperback. £5.00

3051 THOMAS, Isaiah. THE HISTORY OF PRINTING IN AMERICA. With a biography of printers & an account of newspapers. Edited by Marcus A. McCorison from the second edition [of 1874]. New York: Weathervane, [1975]. 8vo, (233x160mm), xxii,650p. A good copy in original cloth, dustjacket. £10.00

20163 THE TIMES. THE PAST AND PRESENT OF THE NEWSPAPER. Published since 1785 at Printing House Square formerly the King's Printing House. London: printed at the private printing office of The Times, [1952]. 8vo, (240x157mm), 16p. illustrations. A good copy in original, slightly dust-soiled, wrappers. Although not listed in Tony Appleton bibliography of Stanley Morison's writings, it is hard to believe that if he was not the author then he would have had some input. £15.00

19683 TIMES, The THE TIMES: PAST PRESENT FUTURE. London: Printed at the Office of The Times, 1932. Sm.4to, (251x189mm), 48p. 11 plates, some spotting. Original cloth, edges joints lightly rubbed. Although we cannot find this in Appleton's bibliography of the writing of Stanley Morison it is highly unlikely that he did not have a hand in this book. £10.00

18593 TUNSTALL, Jeremy. THE MEDIA IN BRITAIN. London: Constable, 1983. 8vo, (224x140mm), xvi,304p. illustrations and tables. A good copy in original hardback boards, dustjacket. £5.00

3986 WIENER, Joel H. A DESCRIPTIVE FINDING LIST OF UNSTAMPED BRITISH PERIODICALS 1830-1836. London: Bibliographical Society, 1970. 8vo, (250x170mm), xiv,75p. A very good copy in original cloth. A useful bibliography of British periodical literature during a fruitful period of its history. £2.00

12142 WIENER, Joel H. A DESCRIPTIVE FINDING LIST OF UNSTAMPED BRITISH PERIODICALS 1830-1836. London: Bibliographical Society, 1970. 8vo, (250x170mm), xiv,75p. A clean ex-library copy in original cloth. A useful bibliography of British periodical literature during a fruitful period of its history. £5.00

13514 WILDER, Joseph E. READ ALL ABOUT IT. Reminiscences of an immigrant newsboy. Edited by Fred C. Dawkins and Micheline C. Brodeur. Winnipeg: Peguis, 1978. 8vo (225x145mm), [8],99p. 20 illustrations. A good copy in original cloth, dustjacket. £5.00

2088 WILLIAMS, Keith. THE ENGLISH NEWSPAPER. An illustrated history to 1900. London: Springwood, 1977. 4to, (305x215mm), 128p. 139 illustrations. A good copy in original hardback boards, dustjacket. £10.00

18000 WILLINGS. WILLING'S PRESS GUIDE 1975. 101st Annual Edition. A comprehensive index and handbook of the press of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland: together with the principal European and U.S.A. publications. London: IPC Business Press, 1975. 8vo, (216x150mm), [10],703p. An clean ex-library in original plastic ' cloth', gilt lettered. A fascinating directory (with dates of foundation, incorporated titles, frequency of issue, editor, address, &c) of several thousand newspapers and magazines. £10.00

8475 WILLINGS. WILLING'S PRESS GUIDE 1982. 108th Annual Edition. A Guide to the Press of the United Kingdom and to the Principal Publications of Europe Australasia, the Far East, Gulf States, and the U.S.A. London: Thomas Skinner Directories, 1982. 8vo, (216x150mm), [10],1058p. An excellent copy in original green cloth, gilt lettered, printed placemarker present. A fascinating directory (with dates of foundation, incorporated titles, frequency of issue, editor, address, &c)  of several thousand newspapers and magazines. £10.00

19883 [WILSON, Herbert Wrigley]. NORTHCLIFFE HOUSE. London: [Daily Mail], 1927. 4to, (284x210mm), 53p. plates. Original quarter buckram, cloth sides, backstrip faded. A tour of the building that housed the Daily Mail, a building claimed as 'architecturally one of the most beautiful newspaper offices in Great Britian.' £15.00

2971 WOODS, Oliver & James BISHOP. THE STORY OF THE TIMES. London: Michael Joseph, 1983. 8vo, (240x160mm), 392p. 39 plates. A very good copy in original cloth, dustjacket. £3.00

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