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A selection from our stock. (Last updated 2 April 2014)
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16889 ADAMS, Reginald H. LATIN IN OXFORD. Inscriptiones aliquor Oxonienses. With a foreword by Jasper Griffen. Oxford: Perpetua Press, 1994. 8vo, (218x152mm), 100p. A good copy in original cloth, dustjacket slightly worn at the tail. Designed by Vivien Ridler. £15.00

17904 ASTLE, Thomas. THE ORIGIN AND PROGRESS OF WRITING, as well hieroglyphic as elementary, illustrtated by engravings taken from marbles, manuscripts, and charters, ancient and modern: also some account of the original and progress of printing. Second edition, with additions. London: printed by T. Bensley for J. White, 1803. 4to, (295x235mm), [8],xxiv,240p. frontispiece and 30 engraved plates, 7 folding, (no plate numbered 22 but two carrying the number 14), included one plate fully hand-coloured and 7 others with some hand-colouring, slightly browned in the head margin. Modern buckram, marbled edges, rubber-stamp on the front free endleaf. The second, and best edition, of Astle's monumental work, handsomely printed by one of England's finest printers. £250.00

19893 AUDSLEY, George Ashdown. GUIDE TO THE ART OF ILLUMINATING ON VELLUM AND PAPER. London: George Rowney, 1911. 8vo, (213x140mm), 87p. +17p colourman's adverts, colour frontispiece & 15 monochrome plates with a number of text illustrations. Original limp cloth, very worn. A rewritten version of the author's book of the same title first published in 1861. £15.00

10767 BARRY, Patrick. HANDWRITING SHEETS. Introduced by Sydney Cockerell. London: James Barrie, 1954. Sm.4to, (210x170mm), [16]p. 2 illustrations and 5  handwriting sample sheets. A very good copy in original printed stiff wrappers. £5.00

7005 BLANDFORD PRESS (Publishers.) PEN AND BRUSH LETTERING and practical alphabets. Ninth Edition. London: Blandford Press, [1948?] 4to, (252x188mm), 62p. A selection of full-page alphabets, largely drawn from types in the Monotype range. Original stiff wrappers, slightly soiled. £10.00

20127 BRIEM, Gunnlauger (Editor). LIVING LETTERS. [Catalogue of an] International exhibition of calligraphy. Reykjavík: Icelandic College of Art and Crafts; London: Second Hand Press, 1982. 4to, (297x210mm), 55p. 70 illustrations. Original jacketed wrappers, slightly dust-soiled. £15.00

19682 BROWN, Michelle P. A GUIDE TO WESTERN HISTORICAL SCRIPTS FROM ANTIQUITY TO 1600. Second edition. London: British Library, 1999. 4to, (275x220mm), 144p. 55 illustrations. A good copy in original paperback. A survey of the evolution of scripts, and an introduction to reading historical documents with a commentary identifying the type of script, its historical and regional background, distinctive features and style, and a transcription. This authoritative introduction to the subject has been fully revised and updated for this new printing. £15.00

5391 BUTSCH, Albert Fidelis. HANDBOOK OF RENAISSANCE ORNAMENT. With a new introduction and Captions by Alfred Werner. New York: Dover, 1969. 4to, (310x215mm), xviii+231p. 1290 illustrations. A good copy in original paperback. £8.00

19960 CAMP, Ann. THE CONSTRUCTION OF PEN-WRITTEN ROMAN LETTERS. Leicester: Dryad Handicrafts, 1959. 8vo, (207x135mm), 12p. 16 illustrations. Modern paste-paper jacketed wrappers. Dryad leaflet number 162. £8.00

20024 CHILD, Heather. CALLIGRAPHY TODAY. Second edition, London: Studio Vista, [1976]. 4to, (282x218mm), 112p. profusely illustrated. A very good copy in original hardback boards, dustjacket. The revised and updated edition of Child's classic survey of modern western calligraphy which includes a brief history of the craft in the twentieth century. £35.00

16453 CRAIG, Ailsa. THE DESIGN AND SPACING OF LETTERING. London & Glasgow: Blackie and Son, 1948. Sm.4to, (250x190mm), 64p. illustrations of individual letterforms and whole alphabets. Original cloth. Written and illustrated by a onetime instructor of lettering at the Glasgow School of Art. £12.00

5109 DA CARPI, Udo. THESAURO DE SCRITTORI. With an Introduction by Esther Potter. London: Nattali & Maurice, 1968. Roy.8vo, (250x162mm), xvip. +98 facsimile leaves. A good copy in original quarter vellum-paper, dustjacket.  A well-produced facsimile with an authoritative introduction of Da Carpi’s writing manual of 1535 with his recutting of examples from the manuals of Sigismondo Fanti, Arrighi and Tagliente. £25.00

11457 DA CARPI, Udo. THESAURO DE SCRITTORI. With an Introduction by Esther Potter. London: Nattali & Maurice, 1968. Roy.8vo, (250x162mm), xvip +98 facsimile leaves. An ex-library copy in original quarter vellum-paper. A well-produced facsimile with an authoritative introduction of Da Carpi’s writing manual of 1535 with his recutting of examples from the manuals of Sigismondo Fanti, Arrighi and Tagliente. £12.00

14987 DAY, Lewis F. ALPHABETS OLD AND NEW. For the use of craftsmen, With an introductory essay on 'Art in the alphabet.' Second edition, London: Batsford, 1906. 8vo, (188x124mm), xxvi,44p.+ 179 full-page and 39 text illustrations, some dust-spotting. Original cloth, slightly discoloured, joints and corners worn. £18.00

18294 DAY, Lewis F. ALPHABETS OLD AND NEW. For the use of craftsmen, With an introductory essay on 'Art in the alphabet.' Third edition, revised and enlarged, London: Batsford, [1910?] 8vo, (200x138mm), xxvi,256p.+ 200 full-page and 53 text illustrations. Original cloth, backstrip slightly faded. £25.00

19474 DE HAMEL, Christopher. MEDIEVAL CRAFTSMEN: SCRIBES AND ILLUMINATORS. London: British Museum, 1992. Sq.8vo, (215x215mm), 72p. 61 illustrations in colour & monochrome. A very good copy in original illustrated paperback. £8.00

19684 DEIGHTON, Harold. THE ART OF LETTERING FOR STUDENTS. Including a simple system for beginners and chapters of alphabet monograms and pen lettering. London: Batsford, 1947. 8vo, (228x150mm), [8],86p. 66 illustrations, some spotting. Original quarter cloth, dustjacket worn. £10.00

16426 DIRINGER, David. THE ALPHABET. A KEY TO THE HISTORY OF MANKIND. Second edition, London: Hutchinson, 1949. 8vo, (234x154mm), 607p. 255 illustrations. Original cloth, a little dulled, free endleaves spotted. £45.00

3371 DROGIN, Marc. YOURS TRULY, KING ARTHUR. How medieval people wrote, and how you can to. New York: Pentalic, 1982. 4to (285x224mm), 95p. 13 plates and numerous exemplars. A very good copy in original hardback. An introduction to mediaeval scripts, essentially intended for juvenile calligraphers. £5.00

834 ETIEMBLE. THE WRITTEN WORD. London: Prentice-Hall, 1962. Oblong 8vo, (190x210mm), 115p. 12 coloured & 68 monochrome plates. A good copy in original laminated boards. £10.00

16344 ETIEMBLE. THE WRITTEN WORD. London: Prentice-Hall, 1962. Oblong 8vo, (190x210mm), 115p. 12 coloured & 68 monochrome plates. Original laminated boards hardback, backstrip worn. £4.00

19962 FAIRBANK, Alfred. A BOOK OF SCRIPTS. Revised and enlarged edition, Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1968. 8vo, (198x130mm), 48p +80 plates. A good copy in original paperback. An considerable enlarged edition with more plates of the King Penguin edition and retaining Jan Tschichold's cover design from the earlier edition. £5.00

9471 FAIRBANK, Alfred. A HANDWRITING MANUAL. Third edition, Leicester: Dryad Press, 1948. 8vo, (216x142mm), 48p. 21 plates & 30 text illustrations. Original cloth, lettered in white, cover partly spotted. £5.00

4755 FAIRBANK, Alfred. A HANDWRITING MANUAL. New, revised, edition, London: Faber & Faber, 1954. 8vo, (224x148mm), 85p. frontispiece, 31 plates & 38 text illustrations. Original cloth, endleaves lightly spotted, dustjacket slightly frayed. £8.00

15364 FRY, Roger & E.A. LOWE. ENGLISH HANDWRITING. [with] artistic & palaeographical criticisms. Oxford: Clarendon press, 1926. 8vo, (227x147mm), [2],(71-)82p + 34 plates. Original wrappers, covers soiled. S.P.E. Tract number 23. £20.00

20102 FU, Shen C.U. TRACES OF THE BOOK. Studies in Chinese calligraphy. New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 1977. 4to, (296x222mm), xii,314p. numerous illustrations. Original cloth, backstrip very slightly faded. The major catalogue of an exhibition held at Yale University Art Gallery and University Art Museum, Berkeley in summer and autumn 1977. £25.00

3898 GAUR, Albertine. A HISTORY OF CALLIGRAPHY. London: British Library, 1994. Sm.4to, (264x204mm), 232p.14 colour & 167 monochrome illustrations. An excellent copy in original boards, dustjacket. £12.00

9842 GOUDY, Frederic W. THE ALPHABET and Elements of lettering. Revised and enlarged edition, Berkeley & Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1942. 4to, (322x234mm), xiv,103p. 29 plates (1 in two colours) & 48 text illustrations. A very nice copy in original cloth, gilt lettered. Bookplate of the British Federation of Master Printers. £30.00

7403 GOUDY, Frederic W. THE ALPHABET and Elements of lettering. New York: Dover, 1963. Sm.4to, (270x198mm), [12],131p. numerous illustrations. Original paperback, corner tips dog-eared. £3.00

12427 GOURDIE, Tom. GOTHIC SCRIPTS. London: A. & C. Black, 1987. Oblong sm.4to,(185x248mm),  80p. numerous examples. A clean ex-library copy in original paperback. £3.00

15912 GRAFTON, Carol Belanger (Editor). HISTORIC ALPHABETS & INITIALS woodcut & ornamental. New York: Dover, 1977. 4to, (285x210mm),175p. profusely illustrated. Original paperback. £5.00

12658 GRIEVE, Hilda E.P. EXAMPLES OF ENGLISH HANDWRITING 1150-1750. With transcripts and translations from the Essex parish records [and] from other Essex archives. [Colchester?:] Essex Education Committee, 1954. 8vo, (252x154mm) [4],iv,33p. 31 plates, including the loose additional  plate Original buckram, a little soiled. £8.00

5832 GULLICK, Michael & Ieuan REES (Editors). MODERN SCRIBES AND LETTERING ARTISTS. London: Studio Vista, 1980. 4to, (280x225mm), 160p. 228 illustrations. A good copy in original cloth, dustjacket. £10.00

14654 ISAAC, Peter. DEVELOPMENT OF WRITTEN LANGUAGE AND EARLY WRITING MATERIALS. Wylam: Allenholme Press for Newcastle upon Tyne University Library, 1989. 8vo, (212x146mm), 23p. 2 colour plates & several text illustrations. A fine copy in original stiff wrappers. £5.00

18940 JENKINSON, Hilary. THE LATER COURT HANDS IN ENGLAND FROM THE FIFTEENTH TO THE SEVENTEENTH CENTURY Illustrated from the common paper of the Scriveners' Company of London, the English writing masters & the Public records. TEXT VOLUME ONLY. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1927. Folio, (387x290mm), x,200p. Original cloth, slightly rubbed. £15.00

21052 JEREMY, Howard B. A GUIDE TO LETTERING. Revised edition, second impression, London: Vawser & Wiles, 1948. 8vo, (185x125mm), 69p. +2p publisher's adverts, numerous alphabet specimens, some slight browning. Original colour-illustrated wrappers, a little worn Described as ' a useful handbook for ticket, poster and sign writers' and clearly one which enjoyed considerable contemporary popularity being reprinted five times since its first publication on 1944, before this revised and enlarged edition which quickly also ran to two impressions. £8.00

3089 JOHNSTON, Edward. THE HOUSE OF DAVID, HIS INHERITANCE. A book of sample scripts 1914 A.D. London: H.M.S.O., 1966. 4to, (260x210mm), [4],33p. 25 facsimile pages printed in red and black, outer margins lightly browned. A good copy in original buckram, dustjacket frayed. A facsimile, with an introduction by J.P. Harthan, of what is perhaps the most distinguished example of Johnston's work. £15.00

14817 JOHNSTON, Edward. WRITING & ILLUMINATING, & LETTERING. With diagrams and illustrations by the author and Noel Rooke. Twenty-Second Impression. London: Isaac Pitman, 1948. 8vo, (187x123mm) xxx,434p. + 4p adverts, 24 plates & 219 text illustrations. A slightly soiled copy in original quarter canvas. £10.00

20359 KAUTZSCH, Rudolf. WANDERLUNGEN IN DER SCHRIFT UND IN DER KUNST. Mainz: Gutenberg-Gesellschaft, 1929. 8vo, (228x151mm), 42p.10 plates & 15 text illustrations. Original stiff wrappers, printed front label, covers partly slightly discoloured. £10.00

8876 LAI, T C CHINESE CALLIGRAPHY. An introduction. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1975. 8vo, (215x140mm), xviii+252p. mainly illustrations. An ex-library copy in original cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt, backstrip faded. £10.00

15986 [LEEKEY, William?] THE YOUNG CLERKS ASSISTANT; or penmanship made easy, instructive and entertaining: being a compleat pocket-copy book, curiously engrav'd for the practice of youth in the art of writing. [Containing] A specimen of the various characters now principally us'd in printing & writing curiously engrav'd by the best hands. London: Printed for Richard Ware, at the Bible and Sun, Ludgate Hill, 1733. 8vo, (191x119mm), 15 leaves, engraved throughout and printed on the recto of the leaf only. The paper very lightly browned but overall a fine copy in modern binders' cloth. A strange compilation which was perhaps also issued as part of a larger work; but, so far as we can ascertain, is also complete in itself as here presented. Ware (in common with other book/print-sellers of the 18th century) was given to using and re-using engraved plates under a variety of titles and formats. The present example commences with an allegorical engraved frontispiece with several lines of verse, engraved by George Bickham, an engraved general title (as detailed above), Directions for young practitioners by way of introduction, Directions for learners (3 leaves), The dedication to the young clerks of Great Britain, To the young ladies of Great-Britain,  Second title (dated 1733 and detailed as above), The alphabet in the old English character, The alphabet in the Roman and Italic character, The alphabet in the round-hand and Italian,  [Copperplate capitals] (2 leaves), and finally Minums in round-hand and Italian. All the plates carry engraved numbers in the head-fore corner and are exquisitely engraved. £500.00

18005 LETTER ARTS REVIEW. LETTER ARTS REVIEW. Volume 12, Number 4. Norman, OK: Letter Arts Review, 1996. 4to, (280x215mm), 64p. colour & monochrome illustrations. A fine copy in original illustrated wrappers. Contains: Bill Jackson The essence of letters: the Father Catich slates at Wichita State University, Mordechi Beck Against the grain: Archie Granot, papercut innovator, Karyn Gilman Written on the body: a collaboration between Peter Greenaway & Brody Neuenschwander, &c. £5.00

18009 LETTER ARTS REVIEW. LETTER ARTS REVIEW. Volume 13, Number 4. Norman, OK: Letter Arts Review, 1997. 4to, (280x215mm), 64p. colour & monochrome illustrations. A fine copy in original illustrated wrappers, cover design by Rick Cusick. Contains: Karyn Gilman Rick Cusick: a portrait, Sheila Waters Foundations of calligraphy: Carolingian. £5.00

17794 LISTER, Raymond. ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS BY ALBERT COUSINS. An exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the artist. Cambridge: Fitzwilliam Museum, 1979. 250 copies, 8vo, (215x140mm), [4],5p. 2 colour plates. Original printed wrappers, very slightly soiled. £10.00

18146 [L., J.H.] THE ORNAMENTAL PENMAN'S ENGRAVERS SIGNWRITERS AND STONECUTTERS POCKET BOOK OF ALPHABETS including church text, Egyptian, Egyptian perspective, French, French antique, French renaissance, German text, italic, Italian shaded, Italian hairline, monograms, old English, old Roman, open Roman, open stone ornamental, Roman, Latin, rustic, Tuscan, &c. London: Benjamin Alexander, [1880?] Oblong 8vo, (109x168mm), 32 leaves, of alphabets and numerals printed lithographically throughout on the recto of the leaf only, a stain on the front wrapper/title and the first few leaves. Original wrappers, rebacked, the front wrapper repaired, sometime stab-stapled, these removed and replaced with binders' thread. Apparently a reprint of a work first published in 1852 and which later appeared under the imprint of E. & F.N. Spon, indeed the rear wrapper of this title carries adverts for other Spon publications. £40.00

5403 LOVETT, Patricia. THE BRITISH LIBRARY COMPANION TO CALLIGRAPHY, ILLUMINATION AND HERALDRY. A history and practical guide. London: British Library, 2000. 4to, (266x225mm), 320p. 175 colour illustrations. A fine copy in original cloth, dustjacket. Chapters on the range and selection of tools and materials for calligraphy, illumination and heraldry and how to letter are discussed at some length. Practical projects ranging from the simplest through to the more technically advanced, and a detailed reference section discussing tools and materials including types and selection of papers; selection and care of brushes; colour theory and mixing, and choosing, preparing and stretching vellum. There are also a number of chapters written by specialists: Hermann Zapf on Type Design, Michelle P.Brown on Manuscript Illumination, Rosemary Sassoon on Calligraphy and Handwriting, and Herbert Chesshyre on the role of the modern herald. £30.00

21431 MAHONEY, Dorothy. THE CRAFT OF CALLIGRAPHY. London: Pelham Books, 1981. Sm.4to, (246x217mm), 128p. profusely illustrated, some in black & red. A good copy in original black hardback boards, dustjacket. Practical instruction b y a one-time student of Edward Johnston. £10.00

20748 MANUSCRIPT LEAF. A MANUSCRIPT LEAF FROM A BOOK OF HOURS. [No place or date but circa 1450.] Single leaf, (114x80mm), Latin, 15 lines written on both the recto and verso, written in black and red with rubricated initial letters in blue and red. Tipped into a modern card folder and contained in a binders cloth envelope chemise. £150.00

17591 McKITTERICK, Rosamond & Lida Lopes CARDOZO KINDERSLEY. LASTING LETTERS. Cambridge: Cardozo Kindersley, 1992. 8vo, (250x143mm), 96p. 55 illustrations. A good copy in original paperback An account of the re-internment of the abbots of St Albans and the cutting of the slate slab over their tomb. With illustrations of manuscripts written at St Albans and the design and execution of the commission. £10.00

18214 McLEAN, Ruari. THE ART OF THE LETTER. Catalogue of an Exhibition. Edinburgh: Scottish National Gallery, 1970. Roy.8vo, (247x187mm), 36p. 27 illustrations. Original calligraphic wrappers by Stuart Barrie. £8.00

18611 McNEAR, Everett. THE CALLIGRAPHIC STATEMENT. [Catalogue of] An exhibition of Western and Eastern Calligraphy and Painting from the 8th to the 20th century. Chicago: Arts Club of Chicago, 1970. Sm.4to, (255x205mm), [32]p. illustrated. A good copy in original wrappers. £10.00

21538 MELON, Valerie, & others. 100 YEARS OF SHEAFFER. Shelton, CT: Sheaffer Pen, 2013. Roy.4to, (296x296mm), 180p. profusely illustrated, mainly in colour. A fine copy in original colour-illustrated paperback. £40.00

8297 MORISON, Stanley. EARLY ITALIAN WRITING-BOOKS. RENAISSANCE TO BAROQUE. Edited by Nicolas Barker. Boston: David R. Godine, 1990. 8vo, (218x145mm), 219p. 21 plates. A fine copy in original brown cloth, gilt, dustjacket. Morison's masterful examination of the history and development of early Italian writing-books which remained in draft form at his death. £12.00

9280 NASH, Ray. AMERICAN PENMANSHIP 1800-1850. A history of writing and a bibliography of copybooks from Jenkins to Spencer. Worcester, MA.: American Antiquarian Society, 1969. 8vo, (236x150mm), xii,305p. title-page device printed in red, 2 folding plates & 248 reproductions of title-pages. A fine copy in original black cloth, lettered in gilt with a device in blind on the front cover. Printed at the Stinehour Press. £35.00

19475 OCKENDON, K.U. YOUR PENMANSHIP. London: Slyvan Press, 1951. Cr.8vo, (190x125mm), 132p. illustrations. Original hardback boards, backstrip very slightly faded. A basic introduction to calligraphy, number 2 of the Sylvan Press 'Home Crafts Series.' £8.00

20040 OSLEY, A.S. SCRIBES AND SOURCES. Handbook to the chancery hand in the sixteenth century. Texts from the writing-masters selected, introduced and translated. With an account of John de Beauchesne by Berthold Wolpe. London: Faber, 1980. Sm.4to, (248x170mm), 291p. 22 illustrations. A very good copy in original cloth, dustjacket. £20.00

8589 PAGE, R.I. AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH RUNES. London: Methuen, 1973. 8vo, (210x140mm), xvi,237p. 19 plates & 39 text illustrations, preliminary leaves lightly creased at the head - fore corner. A good copy in original hardback, slightly dust-soiled at the head, dustjacket partly faded. An important work which, while it does not pretend to by a corpus of Anglo-Saxon runic inscriptions, offers an authoritative introductory account of the subject. £25.00

2420 PEARSALL,Derek (Editor). STUDIES IN THE VERNON MANUSCRIPT. Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 1990. 8vo, (240x157mm), xii,238p. 1 colour & 2 monochrome plates. A good copy in original hardback boards, printed front label. Thirteen essays including A.I. Doyle The Shaping of the Vernon and Simeon Manuscripts, N.F.Blake Vernon Manuscript: Contents and Organisation, Avril Henry 'The Pater Noster in a table ypeynted' and Some Other Presentations of Doctrine in the Vernon Manuscript, Carol Meale The Miracles of Our Lady: Context and Interpretation, A.S.G Edwards The Context of the Vernon Romances, and John Thompson The Textual Background and Reputation of the Vernon Lyrics. £25.00

10465 PITMAN, Benn. HISTORY OF SHORT HAND. Cincinnati: Phonographic Institute, 1856. 8vo, (174 x 110mm.), 80p. +8p publisher's `descriptive catalogue'. Original black roan, lettered and blocked in gilt and blind, head and tail of the backstrip rubbed. A front fly-leaf has been neatly removed apart from a small stub which may have been perforated. The decorated title states Pitman to be both the editor and engraver of the text which is, of course, in shorthand. However, the text appears to have been printed by lithography. £35.00

12998 (QOTBI) PEINTURES ECRITES DE MEHDI QOTBI. [Catalogue of an exhibition]. Brive: Chapelle St Liberal, Avril-Mai, 1985. Sm.4to, (250x210mm), 16p. colour illustrations. Original stiff wrappers. £5.00

12999 (QOTBI) PEINTURES ECRITES DE MEHDI QOTBI. [Catalogue of an exhibition]. Angoulême: Hôtel de Ville, Juin 1985. Sm.4to, (250x210mm), [12]p. colour illustrations. Original stiff wrappers. £5.00

9430 ROGERS, T.D. (Editor). SIR FREDERIC MADDEN AT CAMBRIDGE. Extracts from Madden's diaries 1831, 1838, 1841-2, 1846, 1859 and 1863. Cambridge: Cambridge Bibliographical Society (Monograph 9), 1980. Sm.4to (253 x 180mm.), xiv+94p. 5 plates. A good copy in original printed wrappers. Madden was not only one of the greatest palæographers of the 19th century, he was also extremely gifted as a diarist, and this book offers a selection from his diaries which recount his visits to Cambridge, his researches into the mediaeval manuscripts there and his meetings with contemporary scholars. £6.00

18610 ROSS, Braxton Curator. THE LATIN MANUSCRIPT BOOK. [Catalogue of] An exhibition held on the occasion of the seminar in Latin Palaeography... Second edition, Chicago: Joseph Regenstein Library, 1978. Sm.4to, (254x204mm), [55]p. illustrations. A good copy in original wrappers. £12.00

18548 SHAW, Henry. ALPHABETS AND NUMERALS OF THE MIDDLE AGES. Introduction by Rowan Watson. London: Bracken Books, 1994. 4to, (285x222mm), 95p. numerous illustrations in colour and monochrome. Original hardback boards, dustjacket with a short tear at the head. £10.00

16975 SHEPHERD, Margaret. CALLIGRAPHY NOW. New light on traditional letters. London & Newton Abbott: David & Charles, 1985. 4to, (260x207mm), 191p. profuse illustrations, some coloured. A good copy in original hardback board, dustjacket torn. A wide-ranging survey that seeks to integrate modern calligraphy into the lettering traditions of the past. £10.00

16711 SMITH, Percy J. Delf. CIVIC AND MEMORIAL LETTERING. London: Black, 1946. Sm.4to, (238x178mm), 48p. 8 plates. Original linen, covers spotted and the tail of thebackstrip worn. £5.00

5492 SOTHEBY (Phillips). BIBLIOTHECA PHILLIPPICA; MEDIEVAL MANUSCRIPTS: NEW SERIES: PART VI. [Auction] Catalogue of manuscripts on papyrus, vellum and paper of the 7th century to the 18th century from the celebrated collection formed by Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) ... London: Sotheby, November, 1971. 4to, 120p. lots 484-529, 4 coloured & 32 monochrome plates, buyers list loosely inserted. Original boards, corners slightly crushed. £8.00

18441 THOMPSON, Tommy. THE SCRIPT LETTER. Its form, construction and application. Third impression, London: Studio, 1949. Sm.4to, (250x190mm), 127p. profusely illustrated. Original quarter cloth, edges rubbed and the covers generally a little soiled. £10.00

7214 THOMSON, George L. MY LIFE AS A SCRIBE. Edinburgh: Canongate, 1988. 8vo, (242x160mm), [6],183p. 12 two-colour plates. A very good copy in original hardback boards, dustjacket. The autobiography of a noteworthy Scottish calligrapher and book illustrator. £12.00

18020 WEITZMANN, Kurt. LATE ANTIQUE AND EARLY CHRISTIAN BOOK ILLUMINATION. London: Chatto & Windus, 1977. 4to, (278x204mm), 127p. 48 colour & 17 monochrome illustrations. A good copy in original paperback. £18.00

12386 WEST, Aubrey. WRITTEN BY HAND. London: George Allen and Unwin, 1951. 8vo, (220x142mm), 71p. +1p penmaker's advert. numerous illustrations of historic and contemporary (mainly italic) handwriting. An ex-library copy in original hardback boards, backstrip worn. £3.00

10684 WESTWOOD, J.O. THE ART OF ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS. Illustrated sacred writings, being a series of illustrations of the ancient version of the Bible, copied from illuminated manuscripts, executed between the fourth and sixteenth centuries. Reprinted, London: Bracken Books, 1988. Folio, (328x222mm), xx, [184]p. 50 colour plates and a number of line illustrations in the text, several leaves slightly creased at the tail - fore corner. Original blue cloth, tail corners bumped, dustjacket. Originally published on 1843-5 under the title Palæographica sacra pictoria. £15.00

7146 WHALLEY, Joyce Irene. THE ART OF CALLIGRAPHY. WESTERN EUROPE & AMERICA. London: Bloomsbury, 1980. 4to, (272x212mm), 400p. 9 colour-plates & numerous monochrome illustrations (many full-page). An excellent copy in original hardback, dustjacket, A pictorial history of calligraphy as practiced among the nations which use the Roman alphabet. £30.00

11233 WHALLEY, Joyce Irene. ENGLISH HANDWRITING 1650-1853. An illustrated survey based on material in the National Art Library, Victoria and Albert Museum. London: Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1969. Oblong 4to, (374x285mm), xxiiip. +90 plates. colour frontispiece. A very good copy in original cloth, dustjacket. £20.00

16476 WHALLEY Joyce Irene & Vera C. KEDEN. THE UNIVERSAL PENMAN. A survey of western calligraphy from the Roman period to 1980. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Victoria & Albert Museum. London: H.M.S.O., 1980. Oblong sm.4to, (206x295mm), x,152p. 222 illustrations. An excellent copy in original paperback. A fine catalogue of an important and influential exhibition. £15.00

10894 WYATT, M. Digby. THE HISTORY, THEORY, AND PRACTICE OF ILLUMINATING. London: Day and Son, [1861.] 8vo, (191x130mm), iv,66p. +24p publisher's adverts. 8 chromolithographs, 8 lithographs printed on a sepia ground, and 8 printed on a white ground. Original bubble-grain cloth, blocked in gilt, soiled and a little rubbed at the head and tail of the backstrip and corner tips. The plates were redrawn by W.R. Tymms from illuminated manuscripts in the British Museum. All eight colour-plates are duplicated in outline in brown on a pale buff ground for students to colour, and the whole work is condensed from the same authors Art of Illuminating. £45.00

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