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Provincial Printing mainly of the 18th & 19th centuries

A selection from our stock.
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6854 (Aberystwyth) VAUGHAN, Herbert Millingchamp. CATALOGUE OF THE ANEURIN WILLIAMS COLLECTION OF BOOKPLATES. (With notes). Aberystwyth: National Library of Wales, 1938. 500 copies, 8vo, (224x140mm), 142p. frontispiece. A good copy in original quarter linen. Printed in Wrexham by Hughes and Son at the Principality Press. £8.00

18674 (Alnwick) ALNWICK JOURNAL. THE ALNWICK JOURNAL AND NORTHERN LIGHTS. Vol 1, No. 1, [Alnwick: no imprint], July, 1871. 4to, (252x162mm), 16p. folded, unsewn, uncovered and entirely unopened in the head folded. Very lightly dust-soiled at the head of the first leaf, otherwise a very fine and undamaged copy. Printed on two half-sheets this has merely been folded to size and left unopened and therefore is utterly as issued. We find it strange that there is no printer's imprint,  office address or editorial matter to assist in identifying the editor, proprietor, or printer. Perhaps such sophistications would have been present on a sewn or tipped on wrapper, but none is present and there is certainly no evidence of any having ever been present. However, Manders Bibliography of British newspapers: Durham and Northumberland (1982) records a monthly under the title of Alnwick Journal and domestic monthly, edited we believe by John Lamb Luckley, which began a new series in July 1871 and although Manders notes no change in the sub-title, we must conclude that that is what this is. As well as local material, a considerable amount of space, and 3 illustrations, are devoted to the game of draughts. £40.00

14236 (Alnwick) ALNWICK QUARTO. THE ALNWICK QUARTO, or occasional page of thoughts and contingences. Number II. Alnwick: Thomas Bell, [printer,] Bondgate Street, 11 June, 1827. Broadsheet, (318x250mm), sometime folded horizontally, slightly dust-soiled, particularly at the edges, and rather frayed in the side and tail margins. A rare piece of Alnwick printing from the press of Thomas Bell, better known as a bookseller and stationer of Newcastle. Bell registered a press in Alnwick in 1827 but apparently printed nothing but title pages to his own collection of mss and ephemera; of which he was a rapacious collector. This sheet – given over to an account of `The improvement of Alnwick Moor – is printed in two columns and ceases almost halfway down on the reverse where the printer notes `Want of type prevents remarks on a note at page 127 of the 'Pleasures of Gratitude &c.' £60.00

14238 (Alnwick) BELL, Thomas. THOUGHTS ON THE DEMONSTRATION OF THE EXISTENCE OF A DIETY. Alnwick: Thomas H. Bell, printer, November, 1826. Single leaf (187x220mm), printed in two columns. Slightly soiled and a little frayed at the edges. A rare piece of Alnwick printing from the press of Thomas Bell, better known as a bookseller and stationer of Newcastle. Bell registered a press in Alnwick in 1827 but apparently printed nothing but title pages to his own collection of ms. and ephemera; of which he was a rapacious collector. This sheet was presumably printed before he registered his press in accordance with the requirements of the Seditious Societies Act of 1799. £50.00

14239 (Alnwick) [BELL, Thomas.] THOUGHTS ON THE DEMONSTRATION OF THE EXISTENCE OF A DIETY. [Alnwick: Thomas H. Bell, printer, 1826.] Single leaf (187x220mm), printed in two columns. Slightly soiled. A rare piece of Alnwick printing from the press of Thomas Bell, we have seen another issue of this broadside with Bell's imprint. The two variants show slightly different settings and a howling typo in the first word on this issue lead us to suppose this could be the earlier state. Bell is better known as a bookseller and stationer of Newcastle. Bell registered a press in Alnwick in 1827 but apparently printed nothing but title pages to his own collection of mss and ephemera; of which he was a rapacious collector. This sheet was presumably printed before he registered his press in accordance with the reuqirements of the Seditious Societies Act of 1799. £50.00

18806 (Alnwick) BURNS, Robert. THE POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BURNS; with his life. Ornamented with engravings on wood by Mr. Bewick, from original designs by Mr. Thurston. 2 Volumes, Alnwick: printed by William Davison. Sold by the booksellers in England, Scotland and Ireland. 1808. 8vo (in 4s) (160x92mm), 6,(viii-)xlii,(43-)266; viii,(9-)270p. as concurs with Isaac. Frontispiece portrait, 14 full-page wood engravings by Thomas Bewick after Thurston, and 48 wood engraved vignettes by Bewick. Contemporary marbled calf, Volume 1 backstrip worn and the joints split, volume 2 rebacked. Catalogue label with added typescript of S. Roscoe & the bookplate of Thomas Baker of Old Trafford present in both volumes. (Isaac Davison's new specimen… 30; Tattersfield Thomas Bewick the complete illustrative work TB.2500B). A completely different setting, with variant vignettes, from the Catnach & Davison edition of the same year and with the frontispiece portrait of Burns in volume 1 which, as Tattersfield notes, is not always present. The partnership between Davison and John Catnach had only lasted for a few months in 1807-8, it seems therefore that their edition of Burns enjoyed a healthy enough sale to warrant Davison issuing this new edition shortly after they parted. Or did Jemmy Catnach's papa run off to London with any unsold copies of the joint printing, necessitating another edition? One would not be surprised if that were the case. £400.00

14230 (Alnwick) DAVISON, William (Printer). LETTERPRESS BILLHEAD OF WILLIAM DAVISON apothecary, chemist, and druggist, copper-plate and letterpress printer. Alnwick: William Davison, Bondgate Street, 12 December, 1840. Single leaf, (102x168mm), sometime folded, a small hole slightly (due to `spiking') in the centre, with some slight loss from the printed area. An invoice from Davison to John Proctor a Hartlepool printer and bookseller, listing memoranda books, almanacks and ink. It is interesting that Davison, by the date of this invoice well-established as one of the foremost and energetic printers in the North of England, still styles himself primarily as a chemist. A further point of interest, to historians of the economics of the book trade, is that at the head Davison notes that `all running accounts to be settled at Christmas and Midsummer' while at the tail that `Newspaper accounts to be settled every three months, as the London agents will not continue the newspapers to those who allow them to remain longer unsettled.' £12.00

14232 (Alnwick) DAVISON, William (Printer). LETTERPRESS BILLHEAD OF WILLIAM DAVISON apothecary, chemist, and druggist, copper-plate and letterpress printer. Alnwick: William Davison, Bondgate Street, 29 March, 1841. Single leaf, (138x170mm), sometime folded, a small piece torn from the head marghin with part loss of the date, a fragment torn from the other head corner and a small hole slightly (due to `spiking') in the centre, with some slight loss from the handwritten area. An invoice  from Davison to John Proctor a Hartlepool printer and bookseller, listing polishing paste `Tom Thumbs' (100 at 9s.6d.) and `Markham's Spelling' (25 at 15s.). It is interesting that Davison, by the date of this invoice well-established as one of the foremost and energetic printers in the North of England, still styles himself primarily as a chemist. A further point of interest, to historians of the economics of the book trade, is that at the head Davison notes that `all running accounts to be settled at Christmas and Midsummer' while at the tail that `Newspaper accounts to be settled every three months, as the London agents will not continue the newspapers to those who allow them to remain longer unsettled.' £15.00

14233 (Alnwick) DAVISON, William (Printer). LETTERPRESS BILLHEAD OF WILLIAM DAVISON apothecary, chemist, and druggist, copper-plate and letterpress printer. Alnwick: William Davison, Bondgate Street, 14 June, [1841.] Single leaf, (140x168mm), sometime folded, a small piece torn from the head marghin with part loss of the year, and a small hole slightly (due to `spiking') in the centre. An invoice  from Davison to John Proctor a Hartlepool printer and bookseller, listing inks. It is interesting that Davison, by the date of this invoice well-established as one of the foremost and energetic printers in the North of England, still styles himself primarily as a chemist. A further point of interest, to historians of the economics of the book trade, is that at the head Davison notes that `all running accounts to be settled at Christmas and Midsummer' while at the tail that `Newspaper accounts to be settled every three months, as the London agents will not continue the newspapers to those who allow them to remain longer unsettled.' £15.00

18654 (Alnwick) ROYAL WEDDING 1863. [POSTER] BOROUGH OF ALNWICK. CELEBRATION OF THE MARRIAGE HIS HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES. We the Chamberlains of the Borough of Alnwick...  Alnwick: printed by M. Smith, 16 February, 1863. Single sheet, (253x317mm), 18 lines including imprint, slightly dust-soiled and sometime folded. Calling for a public meeting 'to take into consideration the best means of testifying their loyalty and attachment to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family, on the approach of an occurrence so deeply interesting to all Englishmen as the celebration of the Marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.'  £35.00

18655 (Alnwick) ROYAL WEDDING 1863. [POSTER] BOROUGH OF ALNWICK. CELEBRATION OF THE MARRIAGE HIS HIGHNESS THE PRINCE OF WALES. We the Chamberlains of the Borough of Alnwick...  Alnwick: printed by M. Smith, 16 February, 1863. Single sheet, (253x317mm), 18 lines including imprint, somewhat dust-soiled and sometime folded, very small fragments town from the tail margin but with no loss from the imprint. Calling for a public meeting 'to take into consideration the best means of testifying their loyalty and attachment to Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Family, on the approach of an occurrence so deeply interesting to all Englishmen as the celebration of the Marriage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.'  £30.00

20424 (Alston) JOHNSON, Samuel. THE LIVES OF THE MOST EMINENT POETS. With critical observations on their works, Volume 1 [only, of 2]. Alston: printed by T. Walton, 1810. 12mo, (171x101mm), [4],453p. several wood-engravings from the Bewick workshop. Contemporary half calf, worn, covers detached, marbled edges. We cannot locate an English provincially printed edition of this work prior to this Alston printing. Walton, the second printer in the town, is known to flourished for a few years from 1809 to 1814 and appears to have taken over the business, or at the very least some of the equipment and stock-in-trade of the town's first printer John Harrop (fl. 1799-1808). The wood-engravings that adorn the text are similar to some purchased from Bewick by another Cumbrian printer, Hetherton of Wigton, who ordered several small cuts from the workshop; they are, we therefore suggest, something approaching 'stock blocks.' £75.00

1799 (Appleby) APPLEBY. BYE-LAWS. Made by the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses, of the said Borough, acting by the Council with respect to new streets and buildings and the alteration of buildings Appleby: Whitehead & Sons, Printers, 1902 8vo, (213x137mm) [2],10p. Original printed wrappers, slightly soiled. £10.00

18193 (Appleby) BOWSTEAD, J. POEMS. Appleby: printed at the office of J. Whitehead, 1881. 8vo, (184x120mm), xii,87,[1]p. Original green sand-grain cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and blind, all edges gilt, corner tips slips very slightly worn. The subscribers' list show a healthy support for this collection of poems on devotion, nature and other topics by the onetime Vicar of Soulby in Westmorland, 250 persons took up 327 copies, yet despite the book's, admittedly rather localized, circulation Copac locates only the British Library and Bodleian copies. Furthermore, this is the first book known to have come from the press of Whitehead who had bought the printing business of another Appleby printer a few years earlier. £40.00

16826 (Appleby) KAYE, William. WESTMORLAND TO WIT. A LIST OF PERSONS ENTITLED TO VOTE IN THE ELECTION OF THE KNIGHTS OF THE SHIRE, for the county of Westmorland. Appleby: G. Atkinson, printer. 1832. 8vo, (222x137mm), [2],(3-)84,66,24,108p. The title-page printed in portrait format, the text pages in landscape format, the title a little dust-soiled with some occasional and slight dust-soiling to several text leaves, stab-sewn and with the rather degraded brown paper spine, all that survives of the earlier (?original) wrappers, partly opened at the head, signature of D. Blaymire at the head of the title, preserved in a modern custom-made card folder and slipcase. Exceedingly rare, we can only locate one other copy of this book and that is in private hands. We believe this to be the eighth book to be printed in Appleby and certainly the earliest to have appeared from the press of George Atkinson (fl. 1832-44), indeed only one other book, a small religious pamphlet, is known that also bears his imprint. The text is arranged under the county's four electoral wards (each paginated separately): East, West, Kendal, and Lonsdale; with the voters arranged under the various townships within each ward. The details given include the name of the voter, their place of abode, the nature of their qualification to vote, and the place and type of the property owned with, where appropriate, the name of the resident tenant. There is one manuscript addition to the printed text, this we have checked against the other known copy of this work, and find that it appears, in the same hand, in both copies; an example therefore of an authorised manuscript addition to the printed text. £360.00

16177 (Bala) CHARLES, Thomas. HYFFORDDWR YN EGWYDDORION Y GREFYDD GRISTIONOGAL. Bala: argraffedig gan R. Sanderson, 1819. 8vo, (132x80mm), 80p. soiled. Contemporary sheep, head and tail of the backstrip and corner tips worn. A Welsh-language Calvinistic-Methodist catechism, printed by Robert Sanderson who had taken over the publishing business of the author's wife in Bala at some time after 1809. £15.00

16525 (Bala) ELIAS, John. TEYRNGED I GOFFADWRIAETH BRENIN RHINWEDDOL. Sylwedd pregeth, a bregethwyd ar yr achlysur o farwolaeth Ei Fawrhydi ein grasusaf frenin George y Trydd;... Bala, Argraffedig gan R. Saunderson,  ar werth gan.. Seeley, Llundain; Poole & Harding, A.J. Patty, Caerlleon; J.Painter, Gwrecsam; T. Gee Dinbych... 1820. 8vo, (178x108mm), 36p. slightly spotted. Disbound. A Welsh sermon on the death of King George III. £20.00

17743 (Banbury) JOHNSON, Samuel. RASSELAS, PRINCE OF ABISSINIA. Printed with patent types, in a manner never before attempted. Banbury: printed for P. Rusher and sold by [three named London booksellers]; and J. Rusher, Reading. 1804. 8vo (in 4s), (202x130mm), [2],135,[1]p. the final page carrying Dr. Johnson's 'To a friend.' A small hole in the fore-margin of the first four leaves, just touching the letterpress, though without loss on the final damaged page, the stitching strained. Contemporary (?original) buff paper covered limp boards, the joints and edges rubbed and worn at the head and tail of the rear joint, the covers somewhat age-soiled, but not disagreeably so; the signature of V. Cheney of Park Rd, Banbury in pencil on the front fly-leaf. (Bigmore & Wyman Bibliography of printing II.280) The head of the title-page reading 'New mode of printing.' Printed in Banbury by John Cheney I, the first printer in the town. As well as being a provincially-printed edition of Johnson's novel, a most significant point of interest regarding this book is that it is printed in the unusual typeface patented by Rusher in 1802 which, amidst other typographic crimes, dispenses with all descenders replacing them with a sort of compressed capital. Cut by Caslons, who really should have known better, there is an imbalance in the weight of some of the individual letters that makes the page somewhat unseemly to the eye. This was the first, but - alas - not the last book to use the type and was memorably described by Bigmore & Wyman as 'about as ugly a specimen of typography as can be conceived.' It was to be another half century before another member of the Cheney family saw fit to visit this typeface upon the public; there, thankfully, its use ended. £400.00

18373 (Barnsley) BALLAD (Coal Mining Trade Union) LINES ON UNION. Barnsley: John Elliott, printer. [1840s]. Single sheet (254x172mm), the verses printed double column within an ornamental border, an ornamental device (with internal text) at the head, and a wood-engraved cut of a church and churchyard at the tail of the second column; several small tears repaired, some early paste streaks on the reverse but without staining through onto the front. Elliott registered his press (under the Seditious Societies Act) in 1840 and was still active in the 1860s although only a handful of items from his press are recorded. This ballad, calling for the establishment of a union for local miners, links their cause for better conditions and remuneration to a firm faith in the 'Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.' Vicinus (Broadsides of the industrial North) illustrates another ballad printed by Elliott which also links miners and God and is likewise printed within an ornamental frame. £120.00

16832 (Bath) HAMILTON, Elizabeth. MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF AGRIPPINA, the wife of Germanicus. 3 volumes, Bath: printed by R. Cruttwell, for G. and J. Robinson,... London, 1804. 8vo, (190x117mm), xxxviii,319; vi,340; (iii-)viii,352p. printed on a thin, fine, handmade paper, a slight stain to K1 of vol. 1, a small piece torn (without text loss) from the fore-margin of Y8 of vol. 2, and some faint spotting of the final few leaves of vols 1 & 3. Later 19th century half calf, backstrips faded and the corner tips rubbed, Spanish pattern marbled paper sides. Perhaps better known as a writer of influential works on education, Hamilton's biography of Agrippina the Elder has been called 'an important attempt to deal seriously with the life of an admirable Roman woman' and one which displays a fine understanding of Roman laws and customs. £385.00

14360 (Berwick) OWEN, John. THE NATURE, POWER, DECEIT, AND PREVALENCY OF INDWELLING-SIN IN BELIEVERS: together with the ways of its working, and means of prevention, opened, evinced, and applied. With a resolution of sundry cases of conscience thereunto appertaining. Berwick: printed by H. Richardson, Church-Street, 1814. 12mo, (172x100mm), 300p. Contemporary (perhaps original) marbled sheep, rather worn at the corner tips and the front and rear joints split. An uncommon provincially printed edition of a book first published in London in 1668 and which saw 18th-century editions printed in London, Glasgow and Paisley, and 19th-century editions in London, Glasgow, and Philadelphia, as well as this borders printing - of which COPAC records only the British Library and National Library of Scotland copies. £50.00

18638 (Birmingham) [R, L.N.] THE BORDER LAND. Birmingham: J. Groom; and Bazaar, Soho Square, London. [1850?] Single leaf, (195x118mm), printed on pale green paper on both sides of the leaf and set within a two-line frame, slightly dust-soiled and frayed in the tail margin, numbered 122 in the imprint line. A poem in nine verses with an explanation at the head of the first verse: 'These lines were sent by a lady to a friend who wrote frequently to know where she had been for several months, that she had not written to her. She had been to the gates of the grave, in a long and severe illness.' This minor piece is worthy of particular note as being sold at the Bazaar, an establishment in the manner of a closed market opened in Soho Square by John Trotter in 1816 to encourage 'Female and Domestic Industry' as he was anxious to stop the the country from pouring 'its happy and innocent virgins into the common sink of London. (Survey of London,1966) £20.00

9711 (Birmingham) SOMERVILE, William. THE CHASE, A POEM: to which is added Hobbinol or the rural games. Birmingham: printed by Robert Martin, and sold by A. Donaldson at his shop, near Norfolk Street in the Strand, London, 1767. 8vo, (236x155mm), 199p. some occasional spotting and a paper fault (without textual loss) in E1, previous owner's initials (dated 1774) slightly shaved at the head of the title and three other later owner's signatures on the front free endleaves. Near contemporary sprinkled calf, front joint split at the head of the front cover and a small hole near the  tail of the rear, backstrip with raised bands and red leather lettering piece, edges rubbed, however, a distinctly better copy than it sounds. Bookplate (Gaskell Baskerville Add.3) Printed by Baskerville's onetime apprentice and later foreman. '… even though the books Robert Martin printed under his own name are, on the whole, badly printed (by Baskerville standards) at least one of them would not have disgraced the master, This is The Chase, A Poem… by William Somerville, published in 1767. The inking is not as good as the best of Baskerville's books, but the design could have been, and possibly was, done by Baskerville himself –  certainly no other book printed by Martin has anything of this quality.' (Pardoe John Baskerville, 1975, 99). £120.00

14963 (Birmingham) SHAKESPEARE,William. HAMLET BY WILLIAM SHAKE-SPEARE, 1603; HAMLET BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, 1604. Being exact reprints of the first and second editions of Shakespeare's great drama, from the very rare originals in the possession of his Grace the Duke of Devonshire; with the two text printed on opposite pages, and so arranged that the parallel passages face each other. And a bibliographical preface by Samuel Timmins. [Birmingham printed] London: Sampson Low, Son, and Co., 1860. 8vo, (228x145mm), xxii,200p. original title pages reproduced. Original cloth, somewhat spotted, rebacked. Printed in Birmingham by Josiah Allen, and an exceedingly accurate type facsimile of the original texts where 'the most scrupulous care has been exercised in the production of this volume; that the old-fashioned and mis-spellings, printers' blunders (which might, perhaps, be wrongly attributed to the present edition) the punctuation, &c., of the Originals have been minutely copied throughout.' £35.00

21363 (Birmingham) MONOTYPE RECORDER. THE MONOTYPE RECORDER Volume 39 Number 3. A journal for users and potential users of Monotype machines and their supplied. Technical number including an illustrated survey of post-war improvements. London: Monotype Corporation, Spring, 1951 4to, (278x223mm), 16p. illustrations. Original wrappers, slightly soiled. Printed in Birmingham by James Upton. £15.00

14208 (Birmingham) LOWE BROTHERS (Bookseller). SPECIAL CATALOGUE OF INTERESTING AND RARE BOOKS including many valuable works in new condition, Extra Series No. 3, Birmingham: Lowe Brothers, 45 Newhall Street, 1910? 8vo, (214x140mm), 36p. Original self wrappers, browned. Printed in Birmingham by Hudson and Son. £12.00

19657 (Blackpool) TEXALCO. HINTS FOR HOME DECORATORS. The decorators' complete guide. Eleventh edition, Blackpool: Texalco Manufacturing Co., [1900?] Cr.8vo, (164x105mm), 160p. original printed boards, joints rubbed. £18.00

19353 (Bolton) CREEAR, Tom. THE CHANGING HOURS. Original poems. Bolton: L. Roston, 1958. Cr.8vo, (183x120mm), [6],62p. Original cloth, dustjacket slightly faded and frayed. Printed in Bolton by L. Roston, an uncommon collection of provincially printed verse of which COPAC locates only the BL copy. £20.00

13406 (Bradford) KAYE, Walter J. THE LEADING POETS OF SCOTLAND from early times. [Bradford Printed] London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co, 1891. 8vo (223x140mm), 314,[4]p. +1p. advert., 5 plates; very occasional slight spotting. Original cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt. hinges strained. An anthology of Scottish verse with biographical sketches on the poets by a variety of authorities. Printed in Bradford by Thornton and Pearson, the subscribers' list shows most copies were taken up in Scotland and in the Northern counties of England. A list of agents facing the title shows a distribution network throughout the North of England, Scotland and Ireland, We suspect that this is a provincial publication and the London `publisher's' name on the imprint is solely that of a wholesaler. £35.00

16666 (Brentford) HAWKE, M. & R. VINCENT. THE RANGER, A collection of periodical essays, inscribed to the Rev. Thomas Atwood. Volume 1 only (of 2). Brentford: Printed for the authors by P, Norbury and sold by  Parsons... Martin and Bain... Debrett...  [London] Knight, Windsor; and Fletcher, Oxford. [1795.] 12mo, (174x110mm), [4],iv,264,[1]p. early owner's signature at the head of the title. Contemporary half calf, marbled paper sides with vellum corner tips, covers soiled and loose, modern bookplate. Numbers 1 to 20 of this weekly collection of moral essays, the collation is rather bizarre  viz: [*]2,b2,A4,B-M6,N-P7,R-S8,T1,U7,X10. £95.00

16049 (Bridgenorth) BELLETT, G. THE ANTIQUITIES OF BRIDGENORTH; with some historical notices of the town and castle. Bridgenorth: W.J. Rowley,... London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1856. 8vo, (177x112mm), xiv,255p. engraved frontispiece, 13 wood-engraved text illustration (1 full page) and a large folding map. Original morocco-grain cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt, binder's ticket of Bone & Son, London. Armorial bookplate of Hugh Ker Colville. Printed in Bridgenorth by W.J. Rowley. £60.00

18177 (Brighton) (ODD FELLOWS) LAWS FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BRIGHTON DISTRICT BRANCH OF THE INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS, Manchester Unity Friendly Society. Brighton: printed by Curtis and Son, Gazette Office, 1860. 12mo, (170x104mm), 27p. +1 folding table. Sometime stab-sewn in original printed wrappers, spine worn. £30.00

18179 (Brighton) (ODD FELLOWS) LAWS FOR THE WIDOWS AND ORPHANS FUND OF THE BRIGHTON DISTRICT OF ODD FELLOWS, Manchester Unity Friendly Society. Brighton: printed by John Tucknott 1862. 12mo, (170x104mm), 27p. +1 folding table. Original printed wrappers. £30.00

16588 (Bristol) FREAME, John. SCRIPTURE - INSTRUCTION; digested into several sections, by way of question and answer: in order to promote piety and virtue, and discourage vice and immorality. With a preface relating to education. Third edition, Bristol: Printed by S. Farley, [1769.] 12mo, (165x100mm), xxii,[2],154p. Some occasional slight browning internally, but generally a nice copy in contemporary (?original) sprinkled sheep, rear joint split but holding. The first provincial edition of Freame's classic of Quaker literature and somewhat rare; Estc records only 2 copies in England and 1 in North America. First published in 1713 and originally prepared for the use of the author's children, the publication of this edition was undertaken by the Bristol Men's-Meeting and seems to have brought the work to greater prominence as it was reprinted several times thereafter, primarily for the use of the Quaker schools for the poor. £275.00

7688 (Bristol) JEFFERIES, C.T. (Bookseller of Bristo) [CATALOGUE OF BOOKS OFFERED FOR SALE] Miscellaneous, Theology & Sermons. [Together with another similar] 2 catalogues. Bristol: C.T. Jefferies & Sons, 97, Redcliff-street, [1880s.] 8vo, (214x142mm), 28; 28p. 815 & 783 items. Slightly soiled, side-sewn, sometime disbound and presumably lacking the original wrappers. £15.00

19866 (Buckinham) FALCONER, William (also Collins; Hammond & Hervey; and Somerville). THE SHIPWRECK; ... with a sketch of his life. London: Printed fro Walker and Edwards, 1817. Bound with: Dr Langhorne. THE POETICAL WORKS OF WILLIAM COLLINS. with a life of the author. And critical observations. London: Suttaby, Evans, and Fox... 1815; [and] THE POETICAL WORKS OF JAMMES HAMMOND, AND LORD HERVEY; with biographical sketches of the authors. London: W. Suttaby..., 1808. [and] William SOMERVILLE. THE CHACE, a poem... With a sketch of his life. London: Suttaby, Evance & Co.;... 1811. 4 volumes in 1, 12mo, (132x70mm), 96; 96; 65; 71p. engraved frontispiece to each title. A nice copy in contemporary calf, backstrip tooled in gilt. Modern bookplate as also an earlier ex-libris, perhaps of the original owner, formed by carefully cutting the appropriate letters from another source to form the name: E. Brown and laying these down on a piece of shaped and coloured paper. The Collins volume printed by J. Seeley in Buckingham. £85.00

12584 (Carlisle) BROWN, James Walter. KINMONT WILLIE IN BALLAD AND HISTORY. Carlisle: Chas. Thurnam & Sons, 1922. 8vo, (216x140mm), 15,[1]p. Original printed wrappers. A brief account of the taking of the famous Border reiver by the men of the Lord of the West Marches on a Sunday, which was generally held to be a time of truce against such things. The black-hearted Armstrong was freed from Carlisle gaol under equally dubious circumstances. £15.00

21559 (Carmarthen) WILLIAMS, William. GWAITH PRYDYDDAWL y diweddar barchedig William Williams... Sef, yr holl hymnau a gyfansoddedd yr awdwr, ar amryw destynau. Argraphiad newydd. Caerfyrddin [Carmarthen]: agraphwyd ac ar werth gan Jonathan Harris, 1811. 12mo, (160x95mm), xii, (5-)957,[1]p. With separate part-titles at p/265: Caniadau, y rhai sydd ar y mor o wydr, &c. dated 1811, and at p.671: Gloria in excelsis: neu hymnau o fawl i dduw a'r oen, dated 1812. i leaf of the introductory matter bound out of sequence. Contemporary calf, worn and very stained, lacking the backstrip. (Libri Walliae 5485) £75.00

18927 (Carmarthen) SHADRACH, Azariah. UDGORN Y JUBILI YN CYHOEDDI RHYDDID I'R HOTTENTOTIAID; neu hymnau newyddion, ar amryw destunau, ac yn neillduol ar lwyddiant yr efengyl. Caerfyrddin [Carmarthen]: argraffwyd gan J Evans, 1818. Cr 8vo, (114x65mm), 136p. Finger-soiled and slightly browned throughout. Disbound. The first edition of a rare Welsh hymnal, the only other copy we can locate is in the National Library of Wales. £30.00

20888 (Channel Isles) COYSH, Victor. AFOOT IN ALDERNEY. St. Peter Port: Toucan Press, 1969. Cr.8vo, (190x122mm), 51p. 5 illustrations. Original illustrated stiff wrappers, slightly soiled; previous owner's signature obliterated on the recto of the frontispiece. Guernsey Historical Monographs No.7. £15.00

17915 (Chelsea) CHAPBOOK. THE HISTORY AND ADVENTURES OF BEN THE SOLDIER; with an account of his happy marriage after the fatigues and dangers of war. Chelsea: printed by J. Tilling for the Religious Tract Society, [1810?] 12mo, (172x106mm), 8p. ornamental woodcut on the cover title. Original self-wrappers, sometime disbound. We cannot locate another edition of this chapbook on Copac where nine London and two provincial editions are recorded as being published between c.1804 and c.1830. The cover cut (an ornamental cut of drums and flags) is the same (or very similar) to that employed by Howard & Evans in c.1807 and Applegarth and Cowper in c.1820, on both occasions also printed for the RTS. £55.00

17028 (Cheltenham) MIDDLETON, S. ON MR JESSOP'S BEAUTIFUL PLANTAIN, "THE MUSA." Cheltenham: J.J. Hadley, 1843. Single leaf, (252x141mm), set within a single-rule frame with ornate corner ornaments, slightly soiled. A poem by the author of Pompeii &c reprinted from the Cheltenham Journal of 6 March 1843. Presumably one of a limited number of copies reset within an ornamental frame and run off for the author. £15.00

16534 (Chester) PARRY, John. BYR-GOFION O AMRYWIOL BETHAU HYNOD yn Mywyd ei Ddiweddar Fawrhydi, Sior y Trydd; brenin teyrnas gyffunol prydain fawr a'r iwerddon. Caerlleon [Chester]: I Fletcher, 1820. 12mo, (170x117mm), 24p. Disbound. £30.00

19185 (Colwyn Bay) PARRY, Thomas. YMGOM AT LAN YR AFON. [Dialogue on a Riverbank]. Colwyn Bay [no printer given], 1910 Single sheet (226x290mm), set in three columns within a black rule frame. Fine. £15.00

19626 (Conway) JONES, R.E. (Printer). GUIDE TO CONWAY CASTLE TOWN AND NEIGHBOURHOOD. Conway: R.E. Jones, [1938.] 12mo, (163x91mm), 24p. 8 illustrations. Original wrappers. Printed in Conway by R E Jones Bros. £10.00

17824 (Coventry) CALCOTT, Wellins. THOUGHTS MORAL AND DIVINE; collected and intended for the better instruction and conduct of life. Third edition with improvements, Coventry: printed for the author, by T. Luckman, 1759. 8vo, (208x128mm) [12],[40],432,[3]p. slightly soiled thought. Later - mid-19th century - half calf, pebble-grain cloth sides, marbled endleaves and edges, previous owner's name on the from fly-leaf: Mr Archers of Bickershead Hall, and a later bookplate. (Morgan, Printing and publishing in Warwickshire p7) First published in London in 1756; subsequent editions printed in Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester and Exeter during the following decade point to a widespread contemporary popularity perhaps among Freemasons; the author being a strong member of that community. The subscriber's list to the present edition occupies twenty pages showing copies were taken up throughout the country but especially in the midland counties, the various names, occupations and towns are given in the list amidst which may be noted 'Mr Baskerville, Letter-Founder, Birmingham.' £100.00

17803 (Coventry) GAY, John. FABLES BY THE LATE Mr. GAY. In one volume complete. Coventry: printed and sold by M. Luckman: sold also by R.V. Brooke, and Champante and Whitrove, Stationers, London. [1790?] Cr.8vo. (101x64mm), viii,213p. +3p publisher's adverts, engraved frontispiece, separate part title included in the pagination, some spotting throughout. Modern quarter morocco, marbled paper sides, previous owner's signature of Ann Salt of Birmingham dated 1807. (Morgan Printing and Publishing in Warwickshire p23) An extremely rare provincial edition of Gay's Fables, Which was obviously something of a best-seller for Mary Luckman as she produced four editions in 1785?, 1790?, 1795, and 1798; of the edition we offer here only 2 copies are located on Estc and a total of only 12 copies are located for all four editions.  The book was published at one shilling (as advised on the title) and the final three pages contain a priced catalogue of Luckman's books, several described as 'bound' or 'in boards.' £200.00

17842 (Coventry) [GRINFIELD, Charles Vaughan]. A PILGRIMAGE TO STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, the birthplace of Shakspeare [sic]. London: Longman, Brown & Co.; John Merridew, Coventry, 1850. 8vo in 4s, (160x105mm), 52p. +5p Coventry publisher's adverts, 2 engraved topographical plates, one shaved at the fore-edge with some slight loss from the imprint, title-page slightly spotted. Later brown paper over boards, gift inscription from Thomas Grinfield to John Pearce of Bristol Library, dated 1850, on the front pastedown endleaf, lacking the free endleaf. Printed in Coventry by David Lewin. £25.00

17805 (Coventry) HERVEY, James. MEDITATIONS AND CONTEMPLATIONS. Containing, meditations among the tombs: reflections on a flower-garden: and, a descant on creation. Contemplations on the night: contemplations on the starry heavens: and, a winter-piece. To which is prefixed a life of the author. A new edition. Coventry: printed and sold by M. Luckman: sold also by [11 other named booksellers in London, Bath, Bristol, Kettering, and Birmingham], 1792. 12mo, (175x107mm), xxxiv,177,[2],clxx-clxxxviii,(189-)372p. +2p publisher's adverts. 4 engraved plates including a portrait of the author. Contemporary sheep, joints restored; gift inscription to Bithia Atkins of Sharleston from Miss Scruton of York, dated April 1809, and a later bookplate. (Morgan Printing and Publishing in Warwickshire  p24-5) Rare, Estc locates only four copies (3 UK, 1 USA) of this provincial edition of a popular devotional work. It was perhaps intended for issue in two volumes as two of the engraved plates are headed frontispiece to vol. 1 ...2. £200.00

16492 (Denbigh) DAVIES, Robert. DILIAU BARDDAS, SEF GWAITH BARDDONAWL: yn cynnwys Odlau, Cywyddau, Englynion, Carolau, a Dyriau, ar wahanol destunau. Dinbych [Denbigh]: Argraffwyd gan Thomas Gee, 1828. 12mo, (184x109mm), 320p. subscribers list. An uncut copy, internally clean, in original printed boards, these rather soiled and rubbed and lacking the backstrip. 'The [Gee] office printed two substantial volumes of Welsh verse....[one being] Diliau Barddas, a collection of the work of Robert Davies 'Bardd Nantglyn'. Davies had issued proposals in the spring of 1825 for this fairly expensive book (costing four shillings and sixpence in paper-covered boards) and eventually persuaded 998 subscribers to order 1198 copies. This led Gee to think well enough of its sales to buy the copyright... though he never published a new edition.' (Philip Henry Jones 'Thomas Gee senior' in McKay, Hinks & Bell, Light on the book trade.) £25.00

16409 (Derby) GESSNER, Mr. [Mary COLLYER] THE DEATH OF ABEL; IN FIVE BOOKS. Attempted from the German of Mr Gessner. Stereotype edition. Derby: Stereotyped for, and printed and sold by Henry Mozley, [1815?] 12mo, (173x104mm), [4],148p. occasional slight spotting, wood-engraved frontispiece and added vignette title. Contemporary marbled sheep, marbled edges, joints and edges slightly rubbed and a small piece of leather missing from the rear joint. A rare edition of a long-running popular title, Copac records no copies of this Derby edition, however several Gainsborough editions by members of  the Mozley family are recorded. Although the title imprint implies that Mozley printed this edition from stereotype plates a printer's imprint at the end of the text records that this book was 'Stereotyped and printed by A. Wilson,,,' in London. £65.00

20066 (Derby) MAVOR, William. THE ENGLISH SPELLING-BOOK. Accompanied by a progressive series of easy and familiar lessons, intended as an introduction to a correct knowledge of the English language. Derby: John and Charles Mozley, 1859. 12mo, (180x116mm), 144p. 3 pages of a wood-engraved acrostic alphabet, and a number of other wood-engravings of animals in the text, lightly browned throughout and with a small ear on the title page where the paper in rather thin. Modern quarter cloth. Ian Michael (The teaching of English p.515) wonders whether this was first published in 1801 or 1802; while we have seen copies with the preface dated 1806. Whatever its first date of publication was, this primer enjoyed a long and possibly unparalleled run as a principal text, for by 1866 it had run to at least 469 numbered editions. Sadly by this edition, the text no longer contains a poetical version of the 'Rules of the Humane Society for recovering drowned persons', which must rank high in any list of staggeringly bizarre texts to put in a child's reading primer. £80.00

17812 (Derby) WATTS, Isaac. THE PSALMS OF DAVID; imitated in the language of the New Testament, and applied to the Christian state of worship. A new edition, corrected. Derby: printed by and for Henry Mozley; sold also in London by G. Cowie, 1822. 12mo, (131x71mm), 304p. [bound with] WATTS, Isaac. HYMNS AND SPIRITUAL SONGS. Derby: printed by and for Henry Mozley; sold also in London by G. Cowie, 1822. 282,[22]p. Together 2 volumes in 1, Contemporary marbled sheep, backstrip, joints and corner tips worn, Early owner's signature of Elizabeth Breede of Orton, dated 1821 on the front free endleaf. Rare editions of both titles, COPAC locates only a single copy of the first-named title, and does not locate an edition of the second-named at all. £75.00

16535 (Dolgelleu) HUNTINGTON, Wylym [William]. YR YSGERBWD ARMINAIDD, NEU YR ARMINIAD. wedi ei agor a'i fanwl-chwilio. Dolgelleu: Argraphwyd gan Williams, A Jones, [1807.] 12mo, (176x107mm), 240p. title and final leaf dust-soiled. Disbound. £65.00

7328 (Doncaster) TAYLOR, Alfred & Geoffrey HALTON. MORE YORKSHIRE MOTOR RUNS. Leeds: Yorkshire Evening Post, 1962. 8vo, 48p. illustrations, text interspersed with adverts, mainly for the motor trade. Original illustrated wrappers. spine slightly rubbed.  Printed in the Doncaster office of the Leeds Evening Post £3.00

5037 (Douglas) HAINING, Samuel. A HISTORICAL SKETCH AND DESCRIPTIVE VIEW OF THE ISLE OF MAN; Designed as a companion to those who visit and make the tour of It. Douglas: Printed and Sold by G. Jefferson, for the Author; sold, also, by Lane and Son, Wellington News Room, Pier; and J. Townsend, Ramsey. 1822. 12mo, (160x96mm), viii,192p. 2 engraved plates, some browning. Original printed boards, somewhat rubbed and the letterpress rather indistinct, later rebacked in cloth with new endleaves. The first edition of the earliest guide book to the Isle of Man which provided the model for a number of later guides, Cubbon suggests there was a Ramsey edition in the same year but whether that was a true edition or another issue, perhaps with a change of imprint to give more prominence to the Ramsey bookseller, is unclear. £60.00

14079 (Durham) NEASHAM, George. VIEWS OF MANSIONS & PLACE OF INTEREST in the Lanchester and Derwent Valleys, and portraits of local men. Durham: printed and published by the author, 1884. 4to, (320x247mm), [26]p. for the most part printed on the versos only +11 portraits & 21 topographic views employing a number of graphic processes. Original sand-grain cloth, gilt lettered, rebacked preserving most of the original backstrip. The topographic views include Consett ironworks, and Shotley Grove paper mills. £65.00

18769 (Falmouth) LEWIS, Henry Arden. CHRIST IN CORNWALL? Legends of St. Just-in-Roseland and other parts. Described and examined. Falmouth: J.H. Lake, [1939.] 8vo, (190mm), 20p. Original printed wrappers, slightly soiled. £5.00

7854 (Felling-on-Tyne) DICKENS, Charles. THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP. London & Felling-on-Tyne: Walter Scott Publishing Co., [1910 or earlier.] 8vo, 451p. +16p. publisher's adverts, frontispiece by W. Reynolds, some dust-soiling. Original brown sand-grain cloth, front cover and backstrip blocked in gilt and black, backstrip slightly discoloured. Colour-printed (chromolithographed by John Heywood, Manchester) Prize label of St Thomas' Sunday School, Radcliffe, dated 1910. A typically attractive title from this Northumberland publishing house who, from 1883, reprinted a long list of popular classics which provided the backbone of the company's finances. £7.50

18229 (Glasgow) BEATTIE, James. THE MINSTREL: and other poems. With a memoir of the author. London: Jones & Company, 1832. 24mo in 8s, (94x55mm), [8p. publisher's adverts],viii,71p. engraved frontispiece portrait, and vignette title (the latter dated 1824). Original red morocco grain silken cloth, worn at the backstrip and edges, gilt lettered on leather back-label, green paper endleaves, all edges gilt, Litchfield bookseller's ticket. Printed in Glasgow by Hutchison and Brockman. Rare, Copac locates only the Cambridge copy of this edition. The advertisements that precede the text list a number of Jones' series of English classics, of this contribution to the 'Diamond poets' series, the publisher claims that they are the 'smallest ever printed. Uniting correctness, beautiful typography, portability, the greatest economy, &c.' This copy's attraction is enhanced by retaining the original binding which, though worn, is an interesting example of an early publisher's cloth edition binding. 'The Minstrel, a poem in Spenserian stanza, was begun in 1766, probably as a lighthearted, satirical work. In the spring of 1768 Beattie was inspired to continue it as his own poetic autobiography. It describes the childhood of Edwin, a shepherd boy brought up in solitary mountainous country, and his imaginative response to nature. In less than three months Beattie wrote most of the first book of The Minstrel, and began the second. The completion of the second book, however, took more than five years; an intended third book was never written. The poetic growth of Edwin was an inspiration to several generations of poets, most particularly to the Romantics, and this work had an important formative influence on William Wordsworth, who greatly admired it.' (DNB) £75.00

14336 (Glasgow) BUNYAN, John. THE PILGRIM'S PROGRESS and other works. The prefaces, indices, and the text revised by George Offor, with copious notes, original and selected; and an original memoir of the author by George B. Cheever. Glasgow: William Mackenzie, [1866.] 4to, (274x217mm), vi,xxxii,[2],942p. decorated lithographed title on a sepia ground, and 30 full-page plates (of 31, lacking the plate of Bunyan's Dream, but the key leaf to it is present), the folding facsimile of Bunyan's will frayed at the edges, and many smaller wood-engravings in the text by the Brothers Dalziel after William Harvey. a small stain in the head margin, pretty well throughout and a few instances of dust-spotting. Contemporary half black calf, dark green bead-grain cloth sides, edges and corner tips slightly rubbed. Although lacking one plate this is still a not unacceptable book with a number of full-page steel-engraved illustrations and 20 full-page wood-engravings, printed on a sepia ground, by the brothers Dalziel after William Harvey. Harvey, a Newcastle-born artist had been apprenticed to Thomas Bewick before going to London where he did a great deal of work for the Dalziel's who describe this book as one in which 'he displayed all his tasteful fancy.' (Brothers Dalziel p17) £75.00

16417 (Glasgow) BURNS, Robert. THE POETICAL WORKS OF ROBERT BURNS; with memoir, prefatory notes, and a complete marginal glossary. Glasgow: John S. Marr & Sons, [1873.] 8vo, (170x117mm), 597p.+12p. publisher's adverts, wood-engraved frontispiece portait, vignette title and 6 full-page illustrations by R. Arthur, slightly soiled and with a small piece torn from the tail-fore corner of 4 leaves without loss of text. Original limp cloth binding, printed in black and somewhat faded and slightly creased; previous owner's signature (James Mulcaster, 1873) on the half-title and front cover, front pastedown endleaf (carrying adverts for works by David MacRae) torn and repaired though with some minor loss, some restoration work has been undertaken on this volume including supporting the textblock with mull prior to replacing it in the covers. Printed in Glasgow by Bell and Bain. At first glance an undistinguished edition but perhaps noteworthy for the manner of binding as this edition, published at one shilling, is clearly evidence of a development in the production of cheap print. The stitching is simple, almost in the extreme, with four sewing stations, link stitched at the head and tail and no supporting tapes; while the covering cloth, a cheap calico, is supported only by the pastedown endleaves, both of which carry advertisements. Such a simple manner of limp binding is clearly a precursor of the later introduction of the mass-market paperback. £65.00

13408 (Glasgow) EVERS, Henry. THEORY AND PRACTICE OF NAVIGATION. Glasgow & London: William Collins, Sons, & Company, 1873. 8vo (172x113mm),126p. +2p publisher's adverts; several tables and line diagrams in the text. Original cloth, lettered and blocked in blind, edges rubbed and some sight fading. Bookplate of the Gargrave Mechanics' Institute [Yorkshire] on the front cover with another, later version, tipped on to the front free endleaf. Printed by Collins in Glasgow for their Elementary Science Series. The two versions of the Mechanics' Library label carry variant shelfmarks which suggests that the library had been re-arranged on at least three occasions, the presence of a number pencilled on the front pastedown may even suggest a fourth. £20.00

20261 (Glasgow) FORDYCE, David. DIALOGUES CONCERNING EDUCATION. London: printed in the year 1745. [Volume one of two] Glasgow: reprinted in the year, 1768. 12mo, (162x100mm), 394p. The main elements of the title page laid down on early paper. Contemporary sprinkled calf,  joints and edges rubbed, the front joint repaired with stained Japanese paper. (ESTC N3329) ESTC locates a total of nine copies, 2 in the UK - in Scotland to be precise, and 7 in North America. Originally published anonymously in 1745-8 with later editions published in Belfast and Cork before this first Glasgow printing. A Ms. inscription on the flyleaf of one of the copies of the second London edition records : 'These dialogues were revisd [sic] enlarged & corrected for the press by my father, who took under his protection from the time they came from Scotland to London - David Fordyce the author & his brother Revd. James Fordyce.' Signed: Edmund Calamy.  Fordyce held the chair of Moral Philosophy at Marischal College, Aberdeen from 1742 until his early death by drowning in 1751. His approach to education is an archetype of enlightenment, with a strong awareness of and emphasis on civic duty and the academic values and virtues. £120.00

9021 (Glasgow) GRAY, Thomas. & George LYTTLETON. POEMS BY Mr. GRAY. [bound with] POEMS BY THE RIGHT HONOURABLE THE LATE LORD LYTTLETON. 2 Volumes in 1, Glasgow: Printed by Andrew Foulis, 1777. 12mo, (118x72mm), [4],56; [4],84p. Contemporary marbled calf, joints and backstrip a little worn, previous owner's signature: N. Sugden 1884, on the front free endleaf.  (Gaskell, Foulis Press 618; 620). Gaskell notes the presence of a printers' dagger-mark on the titles of both volumes; that on the Gray is present but not on the Lyttelton, suggesting that this title is the variant issue he notes but states as 'not seen.' An uncommon pair of Foulis press items, ESTC locating 5 copies of Gray, and only 3 of Lyttelton with the dagger-mark. £125.00

15691 (Glasgow) MACFARLANE, Charles. THE CABINET HISTORY OF ENGLAND, civil, military and ecclesiastical; from the invasion by Julius Caesar to the year 1846.  26 volumes in 13, [Glasgow printed] London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow: Blackie & Sons, 1851-55. 12mo, (158x100mm), 200+ pages per half 'volume' with a printed title to each 2 volumes in 1 pair, and an engraved vignette title to each individual volume. Original cloth, blocked in gilt and blind, some small damage to the backstrips of 2 volumes. Printed in Glasgow by W.G. Blackie and Co. £65.00

17358 (Glasgow) PARNELL, Thomas. POEMS ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS. Glasgow: printed by Robert Urie, 1748. 12mo, (167x98mm), [2],247,[3]p. occasional slightly browned. Contemporary sprinkled calf, gilt tooled in the spince compartments with red leather lettering piece, joints rubbed and occasionally worn with some slight loss of leather from the rear and edges rubbed, bookplate. The first Glasgow printing of this collection of verse by the Arch-Deacon of Clogher, the half-title carries a note that the book was 'Price bound and lettered Half-a-Crown.' £80.00

21505 (Glasgow) RAWNSLEY, H.D. LITERARY ASSOCIATIONS OF THE ENGLISH LAKES. Volume 1 [complete in itself] Cumberland, Keswick and Southey's country. Glasgow: James MacLehose, 1894. 8vo, (197x126mm) xiv,232p. folding map. Original green cloth cloth, gilt lettered, free endleaves spotted. Covering Greta Hall, Applethwaite, Derwentwater, Mirehouse &c. with notice of Southey, Coleridge, Wordsworth, George Beaumont, Ruskin, Tennyson and various other literary worthies. £15.00

14420 (Glasgow) WHITE, Henry Kirk. THE REMAINS OF HENRY KIRKE WHITE, late of St. John's College, Cambridge, with a memoir of the author [by Robert Sothey?] Glasgow: printed for Richard Griffin & Co., 1825. 12mo, (142x87mm), [iii-]xxii,[2],(12-)420p. engraved frontispiece portait by C. Freeman, the the sub-title to the letters bound before the preface. Contemporary half calf, marbled paper sides, backstrip compartments tooled in gilt with red leather lettering piece. Letters, poetry, and literary criticism by the Nottingham-born writer. Several editions were published in 1825, including another edition by Griffin in Glasgow. However, we have only been unable to locate two copies of this particular edition (both in the same institution) which is printed by James Starke. Several copies are recorded of an of edition also for Griffin in 1825, but printed from stereotype plates by Andrew and John Duncan and with a different pagination. Starke seems an interesting character who printed an address to Queen Caroline in Glasgow in 1820 and 'was persecuted in so many ways for doing so, that he deemed it necessary to retire to Canada', where, we are happy to say, he made a comfortable independence.' £45.00

19346 (Gloucester ) MOWBRAY, A. Marian. VERSE VARIOUS. Ilfracombe: Arthur H. Stockwell, [1947.] 8vo, (188x126mm), 39p. Portrait. Original printed boards, the single section of the textblock was originally stapled, these have been removed and replaced with binders threatd but have left some slight rust-staining. Author's initialed signature on the front pasted-down endleaf. An uncommon piece of minor verse; COPAC locates only four copyright library copies, and a perhaps more uncommon example of an Ilfracombe imprint though printed in Gloucester by Gloucester Printers Ltd. £25.00

18216 (Guildford) [DAWSON, Georg H. (Editor)] GEORGE J. DAWSON'S RECOLLECTIONS OF THE STAGE AND PLATFORM. [Guildford] Printed for private circulation, 1913. 8vo, (195x139mm), 71p. 4 plates. Original quarter cloth, decorated paper sides, corner tips slightly worn. Printed by Billings on Guildford, memoirs of a onetime printer, theatrical performer, and employee of the typefounders Vincent Figgins, with added appreciations by Charles Cruikshank and Thomas Catling £60.00

12944 (Guildford) LOWELL, James Russell. THE VISION OF SIR LAUNFAL. London: Astolat Press, 1904. Cr.8vo (184x114mm), [1-],18,[1]p. Printed in red and black, free endleaves lightly browned. Untrimmed in original quarter cloth. A volume in the publisher's Oakleaf series, printed on their press at Guildford. £12.00

16402 (Guildford) MARKHAM. Mrs. [pseud. i.e.: Elizabeth PENROSE.] HISTORY OF ENGLAND, from the first invasion by the Romans to the end of the reign of george the Third: with conversations at the end of each chapter. For the use of young persons. A new edition edited and continued to the present time by Mary Howitt. [Guildford printed] London: T.J. Allman, 1878. 8vo, (190x118mm), vi,568p. frontispiece and several line illustrations in the text, one gathering partly loose. Original cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and blind, a very small tear in the cloth at the head edge of the front cover. Printed in Guildford by Billing and Sons. £25.00

9390 (Halifax) PODMORE, Frank. TELEPATHIC HALLUCINATIONS: the new view of ghosts. [Halifax printed] London: Milner & Company, [1910?] 8vo (186 x 120mm.), viii,128p. frontispiece, small tear in the fore-margin of 1 leaf. A clean copy in original red cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and black. Printed by Milner in Halifax. £10.00

16416 (Halifax) SOUTHWORTH, Emma D.E.N THE DESERTED WIFE. [Halifax printed] London: Milner and Company, [1880s]. 12mo, (130x78mm), 318p.+2,6,32p publisher's adverts. Engraved frontispiece and added vignette title. Original blue sand-grain cloth, backstrip lettered and blocked in gilt and black, the backstrip slightly faded. Printed in Halifax by Milner. The Deserted Wife, Emma Southworth's second novel first published in 1849-50, stands as one of her finest, offering raw emotion, finely detailed development of the main character (up until the point her editor demanded she finish the novel quickly), and an insightful depiction of the break-down of a marriage. While other nineteenth-century American women novelists sold great numbers of individual novels, few met with success to equal hers and throughout her forty-four year career, Southworth's novels consistently became best-sellers making her perhaps the best-selling American author, male or female, of her generation. Her stories entered into the American consciousness, becoming popular plays, shaping fashion trends, developing women's visions of themselves as well as shaping the image of  'Americanness' in the minds of international readers. £35.00

14333 (Havant) STAUNTON, George Thomas. MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES RELATING TO CHINA, and our commercial intercourse with that country, including a few translations from the Chinese language. Second edition, revised in 1822, and accompanied in 1850, by introductory observations on the events which have affected our Chinese commerce during that revival. [Havant printed] London: John Murray, 1850. 8vo, (215x138mm), 50,[ix-]x,432p. +16p. publisher's adverts dated April 1849. 2 folding tables present, lightly browned throughout and some slight soiling in the head margin of 2 pages. Modern buckram library binding. Originally published in 1822, we rather suspect that the edition we offer consists of the sheets of that edition, printed in Havant by Henry Skelton - whom BBTI does not record as operating after 1828 - with a lengthy introduction added by an unnamed editor in 1850. The book contains a number of pieces on various aspects of Chinese history and culture followed by a great deal of information on trade and the East India Company in the period before about 1820. £200.00

20230 (Huddersfield) SYKES, F.F.E. LIFE OF JAMES HENRY FIRTH, TEMPERANCE WORKER. Huddersfield, Advertiser Press, 1897. 8vo, (185x130mm), 210p. frontispiece portrait. Original cloth, slightly worn, endleaves split along the hinges, the front free endleaf carrying a lengthy presentation inscription from James Hry Firth to one James Haigh, dated December 1900. Later rubber-stamp of Barnados...Fleetwood, on the title-page. A rare piece of Huddersfield printing; Copac locates only two copies of this title. £35.00

17691 (Ipswich) GOYMER, Edward Nutton. A COLLECTION OF HYMNS, adapted to the festivals and fasts of the Church of England, and other particular occasions. Ipswich: printed and sold by S. Piper; sold also by [6 other named booksellers in Colchester, Sudbury, and London]; and by the author, Stoke by Nayland, 1819. 12mo, (145x91mm), xxxvi,273p. A very clean copy internally in contemporary tree marbled calf, backstrip banded in gilt, joints and edges rubbed, the latter only slightly so. Bookplate. (Copsey Book distribution and printing in Suffolk 960, where the author's name is given as Goymour) A somewhat rare hymnal that was presumably intended for local use. Copac locates only three copies: BL, Bodley and Glasgow. £95.00

16403 (Ipswich) MARSH, William. THE HAND-BOOK TO SCRIPTURE TRUTHS; or, the way of salvation: in words of admonition, counsel, and comfort. [Ipswich printed?] London: Wertheim, Macintosh, & Hunt,... Ipswich: William Hunt, [1862.] 8vo, (213x137mm), [2],64 leaves (numbered 1-64 on the recto of the leaf only). Original limp morocco-grain cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and blind, edges rubbed and occasionally slightly faded. Probably printed at Hunt's shop in Ipswich, he was also in partnership in London and filed for bankruptcy in 1883 due in large part to the 'dishonesty of two clerks.' £25.00

19108 (Kendal) WAINWRIGHT, Alfred. A PICTORIAL GUIDE TO THE LAKELAND FELLS. BOOK TWO: THE FAR EASTERN FELLS. Being an illustrated account of a study and exploration of the mountains in the English Lake District. First Edition. Kentmere: Henry Marshall, 1957. Cr.8vo, (175x118mm), [3024]p, the text reproduced from the author's handwriting and with numerous line-drawn illustrations and maps, small stain in the tail-fore corner of a number of leaves. Original grey plastic laminate book covering material lettered in red, slightly soiled, rubber-stamp purchase date of 1 Apr 1957 on the front free endleaf. Printed in Kendal by Bateman and Hewitson from photo-engravings made by the Westmorland Gazette, Wainwright's guides to the Cumbrian fells are too well-known to need further praise here, what is less well-known is that his method of reproducing the various routes on the fells adopted a ground-breaking technique that makes the early editions splendid examples of revolutionary book design and cartographic practise. £110.00

12565 (Kendal) [WESTON, Lady] SIR JOHN WESTON, BART. 1852-1926. His life and work in Westmorland. [Kendal: privately printed by Atkinson & Pollitt], 1927. 8vo, (209x137mm), 43,[1]p. frontispiece portrait. Original printed wrappers, slightly dust-soiled. Lady Weston's compliments slip tipped in. £10.00

8615 (Leeds) DAVIDSON, J. Best. A NEW SYSTEM OF SHORT HAND, or stenography, more easy of attainment and transcription, and one third briefer than the most popular system extant. [Leeds Printed] London: Simpkin, Marshall, & Co.; J. Buckton, Leeds; and all other booksellers, 1847. 8vo, (180x110 mm), 24p. +4p. prospectus. 4 etched plates (1 folding), the plates lightly browned. Original dark grey rib-grain cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and blind on the front cover, endleaves lightly browned. Carrying on the front pastedown a notice for 'Ruled Books for this system to be had of J. Buckton, Publisher, 50, Briggate, Leeds, Wholesale and Retail.' Printed in Leeds by Alice Mann. One of those examples of the dominance of a London imprint reducing the impact of provincial publishing. This book is almost certainly properly a Leeds publication. Davidson was the principal reporter on the Leeds Mercury, as well as the author of several school textbooks on grammar and punctuation; the printer was a Leeds woman, and despite his humble position (and in much small sized type) on the imprint, Buckton was almost certainly the principal publisher. The prospectus consists of an announcement for the sixth thousand of Davidson's Difficulties of English grammar removed… with lengthy opinions of the press for former editions. £25.00

12938 (Leeds) FOX, George. A JOURNAL OR HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OF THE LIFE, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences, and labour of love, in the work of that ancient, eminent, and faithful servant of Jesus Christ... Sixth edition, 2 volumes, Leeds: printed by Anthony Pickard, 1836. 12mo, (198x120mm), viii,556,[1]; 564p. slightly dust-soiled in the extreme head margin. Original decorated-weave buff calico, printed back-labels (both somewhat degraded), the backstrips discoloured and slightly worn at the head and tail, lacking the rear free endleaf of volume 2.  A contemporary gift inscription to Elizabeth Hatherley from her sister on the front fly-leaf, and the later signature of William Jones. A nice example of an early provincial edition binding in a patterned weave of calico: a watered pattern of concentric ovals, indeed it is a pattern we cannot recall seeing before. The final leaf of volume one carries a plea from the editors (Joshua Kaye, George North Tatham, Calem Haworth & William Manley): 'As the Subscriptions already received, fall short of the large impression (5000 Copies), needful to enable the Editors to offer the work at so exceedingly a reduced price, further applications may be made, as before, to...' £65.00

15863 (Leeds) JOHNSON, Samuel. RASSELAS, PRINCE OF ABISSINA; a tale. Leeds: Printed by B. Dewhirst, and sold by M. Marsden, and Co. 1814. 12mo, (170x102mm), ix,[1],237p. with the added engraved vignette title page, by Samuel Topham, and half-title, slightly browned throughout. Contemporary half calf, backstrip tooled in gilt and blind, black leather lettering piece with some very minor loss from one corner, joints and edges a little rubbed, marbled end-leaves and sprinkled edges. With the signature of J.P. Haswell, dated 1826, on the engraved title and a gift inscription on the half-title and again dated 1826, to his godson Joshia Cole Monkhouse, perhaps identifiable as the man who was later one of the prime movers in the construction of the Darlington – Barnard Castle railway and served as one of its first directors. The third instance of Johnson's novel appearing from an English provincial printer, being preceded by Rusher of Banbury, who printed an edition in his 'patent types' in 1804, and Nuttal, Fisher & Dixon of Liverpool who printed the text, together with Voltaire's Zagid in a stereotype edition in ?1813. COPAC records only four copies, in the British Library, Bodleian  Library, National Library of Scotland and York Minster Library of this rare provincial printing by Benjamin Dewhirst who worked in Leeds from 1800 (or a little before) until 1824. The handsome vignette title was engraved by another local man, Samuel Topham, engraver and copperplate printer of Kirkgate (fl. 1809-37), however, we can find no reference to the publisher, M. Marsden. £105.00

17971 (Leeds) SYMINGTON, John Alexander. THE BROTHERTON LIBRARY. A catalogue of the ancient manuscripts and early printed books collected by Edward Allen Baron Brotherton of Wakefield. [With an introduction by George Winship Parker]. Leeds: printed for private circulation, 1931. 4to, (294x230mm), xvi,301p. 187 illustrations (many full page). A good copy in original buckram, lettered and blocked in gilt, bookplate of C. Lacy Hulbert-Powell. Printed in Leeds by Hunters Armley. £25.00

19445 (Leicester) BLOXAM, Matthew. THE PRINCIPLES OF GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE elucidated by question and answer. London: Whittaker, Treacher, and Co., 1829. Cr.8vo, (178x111mm), 79p. illustrated with wood-engravings from drawings by the author, a small hole (without textual loss) in the title and some pencilled sketches of architectural arches in the text. Original printed boards, backstrip worn and with some loss of spine covering paper, and the edges of the covers also with some minor loss of paper. Early owner's signature: Johannes Henrico; Pater filio at the head of the title, modern bookplate. Printed in Leicester by T.Combe and Sons, of Gallowtree-gate. The first edition of Bloxam's first book; this slim book in dialogue form was expanded and added to, and changed to a narrative form until an eleventh edition of 1882 by which time some 17,000 copies had been sold. On an utterly unrelated topic it is interesting to note that given his reputation of being scrupulous in his search for truth and demystifying popular legends, it is surprising that he perpetuated the myth that the game of rugby union football originated with William Webb Ellis handling the ball during a Rugby School match in 1823, yet by 1880 Bloxam was successfully embellishing the story with authentic detail. £125.00

8938 (Leicester) WHETTON, H. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS IN TYPOGRAPHY. A Guide to the City and Guilds Institute of London and H.M. Stationery Office Examinations. Third Edition, Leicester: Raithby, Lawrence, [1930?] 8vo, (184x125mm), [4],60p. (58-60 publisher's adverts). 2 illustrations (of imposition schemes). A very clean copy internally, in original printed stiff wrappers, very slightly soiled. £15.00

18833 (Liverpool) BIBLE 1813 Old & New Testaments, & Apocrypha THE HOLY BIBLE: Containing the Old and New Testaments, according to the Authorized Translation; with all the parallel texts and marginal readings. [Also containing the Apocrypha]. To which are added, notes and practical observations, designed to help to a correct understanding of the sacred writings. ...[with an] Introduction by Adam Clarke. Liverpool: Nuttall, Fisher, Dixon, and Gibson, 1813. Folio (425x270mm), [2],8,568,[2],869-1172,177p. Separate titles to the OT & NT present. 44 engraved plates - each within an ornate frame, the engraved title frayed at the edges and crudely mounted, the frontispiece bound to face Isaiah, 3 other plates torn.  Some occasional spotting particularly to the engraved plates and the leaves surrounding them, and a stain in the gutter of the first 10 leaves.  Contemporary calf, joints rubbed and head and tail of the backstrip worn, covers generally a bit rubbed. Front and rear covers panelled with two-line and single-line frames tooled in black, backstrip in 7 compartments with red leather lettering piece and blind ornaments in the others, marbled endleaves. A handsome large-print lectern Bible. (Herbert Historical catalogue of printed editions of the English Bible1577) An uncommon edition, we can find locate only 6 copies in the UK (of which three are incomplete). This 'Grand Folio Bible' was the first edition to contain Adam Clarke's introduction. Clarke, a famous Wesleyan preacher, was the best known author of the firm of Nuttall, Fisher, Dixon and Gibson. This partnership, formed in 1807 (when Nuttall had all but retired), was one of the first to issue publications in monthly or quarterly parts; illustrated Bibles, religious works and miscellaneous works of travel and literature were sold to subscribers by canvassers covering most of the northern counties of England. Although a fairly small number of books appeared under their imprint (three in 1813 - a fairly typical year - for instance) their widespread and imaginative selling methods built up a large and highly profitable business. This Bible appears to have been one of their parts issues, most plates are undated but while the few that are carry dates of 1811-12; while the frontispiece is dated 1813, as is the general title both of which were presuambly issued to subscribers when the various parts had been completed. The parts numbers are printed in the inner-tail margin of the various signatures showing the OT & NT to have appeared in 73 parts and the Apocrypha in 11. £125.00

20262 (Liverpool) GREEN, Thomas. MEMOIRS OF HER LATE ROYAL HIGHNESS CHARLOTTE-AUGUSTA of Wales and of Saxe-Cobourg; containing an account of her juvenile years, education, marriage with Prince Leopold, accouchement, death and funeral. To which is prefixed, a concise history of the illustrious House of Brunswick, brought down to the present time... Liverpool: Caxton Press, Printed by Nuttall, Fisher, and Dixon, [1818.] 8vo, (218x140mm), 576p. engraved illustrated title and 10 engraved plates, browned throughout, the illustrated title lightly stained. Contemporary marbled calf, corner tips worn, rebacked preserving most of the original backstrip. Issued in parts, as was not unusual with books from this provincial and publishing house, the restoration of this volume also revealed that the original parts were stab-sewn. £35.00

17841 (Liverpool) TANSILLO, Luigi (William Roscoe translator) THE NURSE, A POEM. Translated from the Italian of Luigi Tansillo. By William Roscoe. Second edition, Liverpool: printed by J. M'Creery, for Cadell and Davies, London, 1800. 8vo, (159x101mm), 90,[2],34p. wood-engraved vignette on the title & 4 wood-engravings in the text, lightly browned throughout. Contemporary marbled calf, front cover detached and a fragment of leather lacking from the head of the backstrip. £40.00

14310 (Liverpool) TANSILLO, Luigi. THE NURSE. A poem translated from the Italian by William Roscoe. Liverpool: printed by J. M'Creery, for Cadell and Davies, London, 1804. 8vo, (157x100mm), 89,[3],34p. (perhaps wanting a half-title), title vignette and 3 wood-engravings in the text. An attractive copy in contemporary light tan morocco, ornamental gilt border, backstrip lettered and tooled in gilt and slightly discoloured, and a little rubbed at the edges, bookplate. (Hugo Bewick collector 197) The poem in set in parallel text on facing pages, with a delicate italic type for the Italian text and roman for the English. Translated and edited by William Roscoe who succeeds in combining in this volume both his love of Italian literature and his approval of breast-feeding. He retains many of the notes from Antonio Ranza's edition, to which he adds some of his own. Hugo notes that the engravings are frequently attributed to Thomas Bewick but believes that they should be correctly attributed to his apprentice Henry Hole who left Bewick's studio in 1801 and settled in Liverpool where he became a member of the Liverpool Academy.  £85.00

19087 (Luton) COLEBROOK, Chris. &c WYNKYN DE WORDE SOCIETY A SYMPOSIUM ON 21 YEARS. Chris Colebrook, Kenneth Day and Bernard Roberts. London: Wynkyn de Worde Society, 1978. 250 copies, 8vo, (212x133mm),16p. A fine copy in original stiff wrappers. A symposium held at Stationers' Hall, London; printed at The Leagrave Press, Luton for presentation to members. £10.00

16532 (Lymington) ENFIELD, William. THE SPEAKER: OR, MISCELLANEOUS PIECES, selected from the best English writers, and disposed under proper heads, with a view to facilitate the improvement of youth in reading and speaking. To which is prefixed, an essay on elocution. [Lymington printed] London: Published for the booksellers: and printed and sold by R. Galpine, Lymington. 1821. 12mo, (182x105mm), xxi,[1],396p. wood engraved frontispiece. Contemporary (?original) marbled sheep, a little rubbed head and tail of the backstrip, the joints, again at the head and tail, neatly strengthened with Japanese paper stained to match. An extremely rare provincial printing of Enfield's long-running favourite, Copac records only the British Library copy of this edition. It is also an early example of printing from this Hampshire town; Estc records a 4 page pamphlet subjectively dated to [1795?] and seven books of varying sizes that appeared from the town before the end of the eighteenth century. Thereafter we can locate only one other book printed in Lymington before the appearance of that which we offer. Enfield's work was first published in 1774 and around sixty editions were to appear before 1860. It 'was probably the most widely used of all school anthologies. Forty-two years after its publication the Edgeworths could say, rather loftily, "we are informed that this is an established school-book, and we see in private families that it is in everybody's hands." ' (Michael The teaching of English). This present edition, which does include the author's Essay on elocution, does not contain his essay: On reading works of taste, which seems to have fallen out of favour in editions after about 1799. £95.00

1564 (Malton) WRANGHAM, Francis. THE ENGLISH PORTION OF THE LIBRARY OF THE VEN. FRANCIS WRANGHAM; ARCHDEACON OF CLEVELAND. 'Only Seventy Copies - Unpublished.' Malton: Printed by R. Smitherson ... in Yorkersgate, 1826. 8vo in 4s, (222x140mm), [10],646p. 2 wood-engravings in the text (attributed by Hugo to Thomas Bewick). A handsome, untrimmed and partly unopened copy with some very slight spotting; a later engraving of Hunmanby Church laid down on the verso of the front free endleaf. Bound in 20th century canvas retaining the earlier leather lettering piece on the backstrip and the earlier marbled paper endleaves. A pencilled note on the front free verso states 'Original boards, recovered.' (Sadleir 63) Extremely rare. 'Wrangham was not a rich man. Yet he contrived to indulge his passion for books, to secure what he wanted, and to revel in its possession. This he did by going after his own taste, and only following the taste of the day when it happened to coincide with his own. The result was that he rescued hundreds of interesting books from oblivion - many at very low cost - and, by studying and cataloguing them, registered their interest for always. No greater service than this can be rendered by a collector to his age and to posterity ... Wrangham's collecting-methods may have seemed trivial and whimsical at the time, but the spirit of the future was in him.' (Michael Sadleir, Archdeacon Francis Wrangham p49) The catalogue is more than a mere listing of his collection. It is extensively annotated by him with what are often quite lengthy comments on the contents of his books, their value as works of scholarship, and other points of interest to, and opinions of, Wrangham. It is indeed an insight into the man, the breadth of his learning, and his opinions. £350.00

14206 (Manchester) JONES, Harry (Bookseller). BOOK CATALOGUE being some recent purchases. Including many items under the headings of America and Cruikshank and a collection of Welsh literature. No. 30, Chester: Harry Jones, 39 St. Werburgh Street, 1914. 8vo, (214x140mm), 12p. 277 items. Original self wrappers, edges a little browned. Printed in Manchester by Marsden & Co. £12.00

19943 (Manchester) HEYWOOD, Abel (Publisher). A GUIDE TO ALTON TOWERS including Rudyard and interesting walks in the neighbourhood. Manchester: Abel Heywood & Son; London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent, [1926]. 8vo, (182x123mm), 32p +[8]p adverts, double-page sketch map and 11 illustrations. Original printed wrappers, issued stab-stapled, the staple has been removed and replaced with binders' thread but has left a little rust damage to the gutter margin. One of the series of illustrated guide books issued by this enterprising Manchester printing and publishing house, these guides were issued in two states, with a map of 2,000 square miles at 5 pence and - as in that we offer here - at 3 pence without the map. £20.00

12804 (Manchester) LADY, A. NOTES ON ENGLISH HISTORY. Manchester: John Heywood, [c.1870]. 16mo, (165x104mm), 29p. +3p publisher's adverts. Some slight soiling and some fragmentary loss from the  head of the title page. Original printed wrappers, spotted and with some loss from the front cover. Preserved in a custom made binders' cloth envelope chemise. A rare little guide to the main points in English history that concludes with the Second Reform Bill of 1869. The section on wars (both internal and external) gives the cause and results and suggests that the 'Lady'  was decidedly in the Parliamentary camp over the English Civil Wars. £30.00

19507 (Manchester) WAUGH, Edwin. RAMBLES IN THE LAKE COUNTRY AND ITS BORDERS. London: Whittaker & Co., 1861. 8vo, (180x120mm), [4],267p. Original cloth, slightly soiled. Printed in Manchester by Edwin Slater. The author was described by Martha Vicinus, as the 'leading literary spokesman for the working class of mid-nineteenth-century Lancashire.' Waugh was brought up in considerable poverty but was taught to read by his mother from Foxe's 'book of martyrs', Wesley's hymns, and a compendium of English history before he became an apprentice to a Rochdale printer and bookseller; an employment that enabled him to develop his love of reading and introduced him to the folklorist John Roby and the antiquary Canon F. R. Raines, who became Waugh's mentor. A talent for dialect verse has led one modern critic to concluded that 'in a very real sense his poem ['Come whoam to the childer an' me'], with all its faults, put Lancashire dialect poetry on the map.' His talent for verse and accurate transcription of dialect speech features occasionally in this account of his journey to the Lake District which also includes a lengthy and memorable account of the sometime perilous journey across the sands from Lancashire into the lake counties. £40.00

18279 (Manchester) THOMSON, W[illia]m. THE SIZING OF COTTON GOODS and the causes and prevention of mildew. Second Edition, Manchester: John Heywood, 1879. 8vo, (220x138mm), x,258,xp. +viiip. trade adverts. 58 plates & text illustrations (several folding). Original green sand-grain cloth, gilt lettered on the backstrip and with an ornamental frame blocked in blind on the front and rear covers blocked in blind, illustrated trade adverts on yellow endpapers, stitching slightly shaken. Printed in Manchester at Heywood's printing works. £25.00

8682 (Manchester) WALKINGAME, Francis. THE TUTOR'S ASSISTANT; being a compendium of arithmetic, and a complete question book… To which are added a new and very short method of extracting the cube root… [Manchester Printed] London, Published by all the Booksellers. Printed & Sold by R. & W. Dean, Market-street, Manchester. [1815?] 12mo, (175x105 mm), viii,192p, finger-soiled throughout (this has received more attention than my maths textbooks did!) Original sheep, front joint split, perhaps lacking a front free endleaf. Signatures of Robt Lloyd (two versions in different hands) on the title one with Marquis [?] added beneath, and on the recto of the rear free endleaf 'Sarah Lloyd her Book 1831' (again two versions, one in an unformed hand) and 'Elizabeth Hayes and Hannah Hayes Was Born July 19 of C R. Hayes 1875.' Advertised on the title as 'price Two Shillings Bound.' The conviction with which we state `original calf' above - as opposed to our usual and more cautious 'Contemporary ?original' - is based in part on this advertised price and partly on the presence of a printed page of `Arithmetical Tables' within a wavy rule frame, which constitutes the front pastedown endleaf. A popular maths textbook, if that is not a contradiction of terms, which saw thirty or so editions in the second half of the 18th century, mainly London but also provincial printings from Birmingham, Gainsborough, Manchester (1794), Uttoxeter and York. Many more editions were to follow in the 19th century including printings in Toronto and Montreal. £40.00

13307 (Manchester) PRESTWICH, A. THE YOUNG MAN'S ASSISTANT TO COTTON SPINNING, &c. (Enlarged and illustrated) containing a collection of useful calculations in connection with cotton spinning, &c. practically explained and worked out by both figures and by slide rule... [Third edition], Manchester: John Heywood, [1892.] 8vo, (185x124mm), 168p. +12p. trade adverts, including the endleaves. Original cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and black, joints and corners rubbed. Printed in Manchester by Heywood, dating of this edition is taken from the advertisements. £5.00

8541 (Manchester) MANCHESTER LIBRARY. [SOUVENIR COTTON  KERCHIEF] JULY 17th 1934 SOUVENIR OF THE OPENING OF THE NEW LIBRARY MANCHESTER BY HIS MAJESTY THE KING. [Manchester: no imprint] 1934. (300x310mm), printed in blue on a fine cotton lawn, with roundel portraits of the King and Queen, an open book with an elevation of the front of the library, Coat of Arms, &c. all within a frame. A small instance of soiling towards one corner (surely no one would use such a thing!) otherwise a very good copy. Typically Mancunian, everyone else when they go in for such printed memorabilia use handmade paper, vellum, or silk; Manchester, proud of its long tradition as the centre of the British cotton industry, uses its 'native' fabric. £50.00

15143 (Marlborough) LITTLECOTE ESTATE, Hungerford, Wiltshire. LITTLECOTE ESTATE TIMBER SALE. TO BE OFFERED FOR SALE BY TENDER, nearly 800 timber trees, as marked by Mr. W.E.Baverstock, surveyor, Marlborough, situate on the Littlecote estate, in the county of Wilts, and comprising some fine oak of good dimensions, superior long ash, and some excellent elm and beech of average meteings... Marlborough: printed at the "Times" Office, January, 1887. 8vo, (220x139mm), [4]p. Fine. £15.00

15144 (Marlborough) LITTLECOTE ESTATE, Hungerford, Wiltshire. LITTLECOTE ESTATE TIMBER SALE. TO BE OFFERED FOR SALE BY TENDER, 478 timber trees, as marked by Mr. W.E.Baverstock, surveyor, Marlborough, situate on the Littlecote estate, in the county of Wilts, and comprising some fine oak, long ash, and good beech... Marlborough: printed at the "Times" Office, December, 1890. 8vo, (220x139mm), [4]p. Fine. £15.00

15142 (Marlborough) WOOTTON RIVERS, Pewsey, Wiltshire. WOOTTON RIVERS, NEAR PEWSEY, & BURBAGE, WILTSHIRE CATALOGUE OF OAK, ASH, AND ELM TIMBER, with the lop, top, and bark, to be sold by auction by Mr. Westall on Tuesday, the 20th day of January, 1863... at the Royal Oak Inn, Wootton Rivers... Marlborough: A. Emberlin, printer, 1863. 8vo, single leaf, (155x115mm), printed verso and recto on a single sheet of thin card. £20.00

15203 (Middlesbrough) ASPINALL, James. [EDWARDIAN PARLOUR GAME] ASPINALL'S CARD FOR AMUSEMENT, INSTRUCTION, AND SOCIAL PASTIME. Middlesbrough: Burnett and Hood, printers, [1905?] (154x114mm), comprising a title and master list, a leaf of instructions (as clear and helpful as a computer 'help' option!) and 6 cards each carrying a number of quotations. The whole contained within a worn blue paper envelope. A nice example of a provincially printed Edwardian parlour game, requiring the players to select quotations from their card and see how many appear on other's cards – or some such. Doubtless in an age before ipods and other modern twaddle this caused hours of amusing fun to our poor benighted ancestors. £50.00

19899 (Newcastle upon Tyne) BALLAD. A BALLAD FOR THE TIMES. THE OLD PARISHIONER & THE MODERN PARSON. No place or imprint but ?Newcastle upon Tyne, 1855? 4to, single leaf, (222x157mm), set in two columns and slightly frayed at the edges. "Why, John, I haven't seen your face in church for weeks, I know." "No, Sir, its such a queerish place, - when its restored I'll go."... An amusing ballad gently poking fun at the Anglo-Catholic decoration of the high church, regretting the 'improvements' and embellishments to a parish church and requesting the restoration of a purer Anglican tradition. £15.00

20239 (Newcastle upon Tyne) DICKENS, Charles. HARD TIMES FOR THESE HARD TIMES. London: Walter Scott, [1898.] 8vo, (190x125mm), [2],286p. +[16]p publisher's adverts, together with a tipped-in leaf of volumes in the publisher's 'Brotherhood Library,' of which this is number 151. Original green cloth, backstrip lettered and blocked in gilt, free endleaves browned. (Turner, The Walter Scott Publishing Co 692a) Printed at the company's office in Felling, Newcastle upon Tyne. £20.00

20331 (Newcastle upon Tyne) CRAWHALL, Joseph. A JUBILEE THOUGHT. Imagined & adorn'd. Newcastle-on-Tyne: Mawson, Swan, & Morgan, 1887. Sm.4to, (193x155mm), 77p. profusely illustrated with text ornaments and cuts from woodcuts by Joseph Cawhall. An extremely fragile copy, printed on an acidic papers which is lightly browned throughout and frayed at the edges, and the stitching is broken. Original grey wrappers, worn and with a piece lacking from the corners of the front cover. Due to the extreme fragility of the book no restoration work can be undertaken and it is preserved in a custom-made solander box. A splendid, and not exactly common, example of Crawhall's idiosyncratic style of illustration which drew heavily on the imagery and style of the cuts that adorned earlier chapbooks. Why any artist allowed his work to be produced on such rubbish paper defies understanding; it probably seemed a good idea at the time. £150.00

16396 (Newcastle upon Tyne) DICKENS, Charles THE OLD CURIOSITY SHOP. [Newcastle printed] London: Walter Scott Publishing Co., [1884.] 8vo, (190x124mm), 451p. +[14]p publisher's adverts, 5 plates. Original cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt, slightly dulled and the textblock a little shaken. Publisher's advertisement leaf for their Union Library tipped on to the first text leaf. Printed in Newcastle upon Tyne £15.00

13517 (Newcastle upon Tyne) [FISHER, Anne.] THE PLEASING INSTRUCTOR OR ENTERTAINING MORALIST; consisting of select essays, relations, visions and allegories collected from the most eminent English authors, to which are prefixed new thoughts on education. A New Edition, [Newcastle Printed:] London: published as the Act directs... by G.G. & J. Robinson,... and S. Hodgson in Newcastle. 1801. 12mo, (170x105mm), xii,255p. frontispiece engraved vignette title & 5 engraved plates, with an engraved tailpiece at the and of the introduction, some browning. Contemporary black sheep front joint repaired. Printed in Newcastle by Sarah Hodgson, daughter of the printer of earlier editions of this title. Cumbrian-born Anne Fisher was the wife of the influential Newcastle printer and bookseller Thomas Slack and it would not be unfair to say that the immense popularity and widespread sale of her books contributed in no small measure to the reputation her husband enjoyed. Her Pleasing Instructor went through numerous editions (though is today a somewat less than common book) and was issued with many London and provincial imprints. Such was its success that it attracted a number of rivals, imitations and piracies. A note in the `sixth' edition of 1785 (then under the imprint of Slack's son-in-law Solomon Hodgson, husband to Sarah Hodgson) warned the reader to beware of a 'wretched piracy of this book,' a warning still being repeated in this edition. Despite its Newcastle – London imprint this is almost a Cumbrian book having, as it does, a remarkable series of connections with that county: The author was born in Cumberland, the printer was the widow of Solomon Hodgson, also born in Cumberland, and the founder of the London publishers, George Robinson, was also a Cumbrian by birth. £60.00

12645 (Newcastle upon Tyne) DODS, Madeleine Hope (Editor). THE REGISTER OF FREEMEN OF NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE From the corporation guild and admission books chiefly of the seventeenth century. Newcastle upon Tyne: Northumberland Press for the Newcastle upon Tyne Records Committee, 1923. 8vo, (212x135mm), xiii,[3],243p. A slightly spotted ex-library copy in original cloth, covers faded. £20.00

10719 (Newcatle upon Tyne) NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE EXTRACTS FROM THE MUNICIPAL ACCOUNTS OF NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE. Newcastle: printed by M.A. Richardson, 1848. 100 copies. 8vo, (200x128mm), 123p. the title, colophon and introduction leaves printed in black, red & blue with a two colour decorated initial at the start of the text. Original printed wrappers, these a little soiled and frayed at the edges. Number LXVII [of] Reprints of rare tracts & imprints of antient manuscripts. £25.00

14074 (Norwich) [SPILLING, James.] GILES'S TRIP TO LONDON: a farm labourer's first peep at the world. Edited by The Village Schoolmaster. Reprinted from the "Eastern Daily Press," with additions and notes as in the "Ipswich and Colchester Times." Twenty-fifth edition, Norwich: Printed at the offices of the "Daily Press," and sold for the author by Jarrold and Sons,... London, [1870?] 12mo, (156x102mm), 103p. very lightly browned throughout. Modern quarter binders' cloth, previous owner's signature, dated 1872, at the head of the title. An immensely popular local dialect work which had reached a 58th edition (239 thousand) by 1903 and was still going strong in 1919. That said, we can locate only a handful of copies on COPAC and none earlier than the 28th edition, which is dated [1872]. £25.00

13592 (Nottingham) GERRING, Charles. NOTES ON PRINTERS AND BOOKSELLERS. With a chapter on chap books. [Nottingham printed] London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co.; Nottingham: Frank Murray, 1900. 8vo, (225x140mm), xii,119p. 56 illustrations with rubber stamps in the margins. An ex-library copy in half morocco, cloth sides, joints and corner tips very lightly rubbed. Printed in Nottingham by W.B.Cooke: the Thoroton Press. £75.00

18482 (Nottingham) [WALTON, Ronald G.] PRINTING IN NOTTINGHAM SINCE CAXTON. Quincentenary commemorative brochure 1476-1976. Nottingham: Nottingham Printing Industries Association, 1976. 8vo, (240x178mm); 16p. 27 illustrations. A good copy in original stiff wrappers. £5.00

20646 (Otley) HOLDSWORTH, J. THE BASKET OF FLOWERS; or, the triumph of innocence and piety. A tale for youth, adapted and translated from the French. Thirty-second thousand, London: Webb, Millington, and Co., [1850?] 12mo, (122x80mm), [6],166p. wood-engraved frontispiece by a Leeds engraver (his name too indistinct to read), several wood-engraved tail-pieces, some slight soiling. Original dark purple bead-grain cloth sprinkled in red, backstrip lettered and blocked in gilt with a gilt floral ornament blocked in gilt within a blind-blocked frame on the upper cover, repeated with a different motif in blind on the rear cover; some slight damage to the cloth surface on the front cover. Early owner's signature of Agnes Gillespy with several annotations on the endleaves. Printed in Otley by Webb and Millington. COPAC locates only thee copies of this title from this printer/publisher; none of this edition. £50.00

20653 (Otley) SEAFORTH, E. THE MODERN, POLITE, AND FASHIONABLE LETTER WRITER; consisting of select and original letters, in elegant and choice language, on all important subjects in life: including examples from eminent and literary individuals. Rules for self-instruction in writing: directions to attain in epistolary correspondence a fluent and pleasing style; cards, petitions, wills, &c. &c. London: Webb, Milington [sic], & Co.,... also Leeds and Otley, [1854?] 12mo, (150x95mm), 180p. hand-coloured engraved frontispiece; very slightly spotted. Original green morocco-grain cloth, gilt lettered on the backstrip, with an arabesque ornaments within an ornamental frame blocked in blind on the front and rear covers, slightly spotted and a little faded, the endleaves split along the front joint. Formerly the copy of Elizabeth Threlfell of Seascale Hall, Cumberland, with her signature, dated 1854, on the front free endleaf and her rendition of the  famous inscription: ' my name And england is my nation... I hope the Lord will of me [sic] when I am quite forgotten' on the recto on the frontispiece. A rare copy of a letter-writer, COPAC locating only the British Library copy; printed in Otley by Webb and Millington. £100.00

18305 (Otley) WALKER, William. WALKER'S OLD MOORE'S ALMANAC 1937. Incorporating Roberts' edition. Otley: William Walker, [1936]. 8vo, (192x134mm), [24p]. Original wrappers, a little soiled, staples removed (leaving small stains) and replaced with binders' thread. £10.00

14422 (Oxford) BRYAN, George (Printer of Oxford). [INVOICE HEAD] AN UNUSED COLOUR-PRINTED INVOICE FOR GEO. BRYAN AND Co. Artistic and general printers. Oxford: Geo. Bryan & Co., 18 Cornmarket Street, [late 1920s]. Single sheet (270x210mm), printed in red and green at the head, with ledger ruling in blue. Very slightly spotted at the head and sometime folded with a slight horizontal crease. A nice late example of restrained 'Artistic Printing', a movement at its height in the 1880s and 1890s, in this piece the printers name in two-colour capitals is printed over a light toned device of multiple motifs. £10.00

20300 (Oxford) [KEBLE, John]. THE CHRISTIAN YEAR: thoughts in verse for the Sundays and Holydays throughout the year. Eightieth edition, Oxford: John Henry and James Parker, 1864. 8vo, (167x114mm), viii,381p. outer margins of several leaves slightly discoloured, front fly-leaf removed. Contemporary full brown calf bound by Rivere, backstrip in six compartments with raised bands and lettered and tooled in blind, the front and rear covers with a large arabesque blind ornament in the centre within a blind two-line double frame with a vine leaf tool in each intersection, marbled endleaves, joints and edges lightly rubbed. Printed by Parkers in Oxford. 'Keble's best known work, The Christian Year, was probably the widest selling book of poetry in the nineteenth century. Its diverse readership went well beyond the high-church element within the Church of England, and well beyond the Church of England itself. Published anonymously in July 1827, when Keble was in his thirty-fifth year, a first edition of 500 was soon followed by a second edition in November. Six additional poems were added to the third edition in 1828. By 1837 there had been sixteen editions and by Keble's death there were ninety-five. When copyright expired in 1873 there were 158 editions and copyright sales stood at 379,000.' (DNB). £20.00

17899 (Oxford) [WALKER, John. (including John AUBREY)] LETTERS WRITTEN BY EMINENT PERSONS IN THE SEVENTEENTH AND EIGHTEENTH CENTURIES: to which are added, Hearne's journey to reading, and to Whaddon Hall, the seat of Browne Willis, Esq. and Lives of eminent men, by John Aubrey. The whole now published for the first time from originals in the Bodleian Library and Ashmolean Museum, with biographical and literary illustrations. 2 volumes in 3, London: printed for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Browne; and Munday and Slatter, Oxford, 1813. 8vo, (211x135mm), xxiv,304; [2],352; [2],(353-)668p. small rubber-stamp of the Mason's Science College, Birmingham (fore-runner of Birmingham University) on the titles and final text leaves and with a press mark overlaid with a small piece of paper with a new mark on each title. Modern quarter cloth, Ingres paper sides, early owner's signature, of Thomas Pearson, in the head margin of each title-page. Printed in Oxford by Munday and Slatter, this collection was compiled anonymously by Walker and includes the first appearance in print of Aubrey's 'brief lives' in which Aubrey penned one of the great literary works of his age. Its intimate and minutely observed biographical sketches of many of the great personalities of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are unrivalled and represent a unique source for much of the personal and anecdotal information which they contain. £250.00

13925 (Paisley) LOVE, William. THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF WILLIAM LOVE, P.C. A native of Paisley, better known as the Roving Scotchman, the greatest traveller alive! having already walked more than six times round the earth!! Containing an account of his birth, parentage, and education, travels to remarkable places, love adventures, opinions on things in general, with philosophical remarks on particular subjects. Paisley: printed by G. Caldwell 2, New Street, 1857. 12mo, (154x93mm), 56p. frontispiece, some spotting. Modern binders' boards. An amusing autobiography by a pseudonymous Scots chapman. £85.00

19391 (Paisley) RODGER, Alexander. WHISTLE-BINKIE; A collection of songs for the social circle. Fourth series, Glasgow: David Robertson, 1842. 16mo, (120x78mm), engraved vignette and printed titles, facsimile signatures throughout, final leaf soiled. Disbound. Stereotyped and printed in Paisley by J Nellson. £12.00

18544 (Paisley) RODGER, Alexander (Editor). WHISTLE-BINKIE; or, the piper of the partly: being a collection of songs for the social circle. Chiefly original. Fifth series, third thousand, Glasgow: David Robertson, 1853. Cr.8vo, (122x80mm), 128p. facsimile signatures of the authors throughout. Original printed wrappers (detached), these somewhat spotted but the text is clean throughout. Stereotyped and printed in Paisley by Neilson & Murray. £30.00

16448 (Penrith) APPLEBY - Hotel & Posting House Auction. MESSRS. THORNBORROW & CO. WILL OFFER FOR SALE BY PUBLIC AUCTION  THE VALUABLE HOTEL & POSTING HOUSE KNOWN AS THE KING'S HEAD HOTEL with the tap room, stabling, and out-offices, and building and accommodation lands in and near Appleby, in Westmorland, at the King's Head Hotel, Appleby, on Saturday, the 19th day of November, [Penrith printed] London: Ellis & Ellis solicitors; Penrith: Little & Lamonby, solicitors, 1898. Folio, (458x285mm), [4]p. Foredge very slightly frayed and the last page dust-soiled. Printed at the "Times" Printing Co., Penrith; contains details of the 8 lots of buildings and lands relating to the hotel followed by lengthy 'general conditions of sale.' £20.00

12583 (Penrith) JACKSON, John. REBELLION. A historical play in 3 acts dealing with the history of Penrith in the Forty-Five rebellion. Penrith: Penrith Observer, [1933?] 8vo (215x142mm), 48p. Original printers wrappers, edges slightly discoloured. First performed by the Penrith Players in April 1933. £10.00

16279 (Penrith) SCOTT, Daniel. DESCRIPTION OF APPLEBY CASTLE AND CAESAR'S TOWER. Penrith: R. Scott Printer, Observer Office, 1897. 8vo, (184x125mm), 16p. some spotting. Original printed wrappers. Set newspaper column width and presumably from issues of the Penrith Observer of October 1897. £25.00

19739 (Plymouth) SARGEAUNT, John. ANNALS OF WESTMINSTER SCHOOL. London: Methuen, 1898. 8vo, (220x140mm), xii,304p. 31 illustrations. Original cloth, school crest blocked in gilt on the front cover, slightly soiled, gift inscription on the front free endleaf. Printed in Plymouth by William Brendon and sons. £8.00

13559 (Preston) BULMER, T. HISTORY, TOPOGRAPHY AND DIRECTORY OF WEST CUMBERLAND, comprising its ancient and modern history; a general view of its physical features; geological character, mines and minerals; trade, commerce and manufactures; statistics, &c. &c. Preston: printed for the proprietors by T. Snape, 1883. 8vo (215x136mm), 679p. +xxivp adverts, Original cloth, cover spotted and the cloth with some slight wear at the edges, rebacked preserving the original backstrip and pastedown endleaves (carrying adverts). (Shaw & Tipper British directories 2990) Printed in Preston by T. Snape, Church Street and Bolton's Court. £40.00

16420 (Preston) BULMER, T. [F.] HISTORY, TOPOGRAPHY AND DIRECTORY OF WEST CUMBERLAND, comprising its ancient and modern history; a general view of its physical features; geological character, mines and minerals; trade, commerce and manufactures; statistics, &c. &c. Preston: Printed for the Proprietors by T. Snape, 1883. 8vo, (218x138mm), 679p. +xxivp adverts,  large folding hand-coloured map, small tear on one fold. Original green blind blocked cloth, very slightly spotted. (Shaw & Tipper, British directories 990) Printed in Preston by T. Snape, Church Street and Bolton's Court. £65.00

16419 (Preston) BULMER T.F. HISTORY, TOPOGRAPHY AND DIRECTORY OF EAST CUMBERLAND, comprising its ancient and modern history; a general view of its physical features: agricultural condition, mines and minerals; trade, commerce and manufactures: statistics, &c. &c. Manchester: T. Bulmer, 1884. 8vo, (220x140mm), 700p.+xviip adverts. large folding hand-coloured map, torn on one fold, the stitching slightly shaken. Original blind blocked cloth, backstrip lettered in gilt, slightly spotted. (Shaw & Tipper, British directories 300) Printed in Preston by T. Snape & Co., Church Street. £60.00

13410 (Salisbury) TURNER, R. AN EASY INTRODUCTION TO THE ARTS AND SCIENCES: being a short, but comprehensive system of useful and polite learning. Divided into lessons. Twelfth edition, [Salisbury printed] London: printed for J. Johnson, F . and C. Rivington, [and five others], 1807. 12mo, (143x90mm), x,[1],273,[1],[2]p. half title present, 3 engraved plates & 45 wood-engravings in the text; some finger-soiling throughout and a few leaves slightly frayed at the edges, a small piece torn (with very slight textual loss) from the tail-fore corner of R1. Contemporary (?original) marbled sheep, joints and edges worn and with slight loss of leather from the head and tail of the backstrip. Signature of Margaret Wright 11th Sept. 1809 on the front free endleaf. Printed in Salisbury by Benjamin Charles Collins, with his imprint on the verso of the half-title (as Sarum) and on the final verso (as Salisbury). This final advertisement page is of interest as not only being conjugate with 2A1 but also for carrying an announcement; `This day is published, a new edition to universal geography...' and carrying a full list of the London conger. The text presents a compendium of useful knowledge in question and answer form, with wood-engravings illustrating the mythology and natural history sections. One cannot escape the suspicion that this latter section is drawn, at least in part, from Thomas Boreman's Description of more than 300 animals. £100.00

13329 (Sheffield) AUSTEN, John. HISTORICAL NOTES ON OLD SHEFFIELD DRUGGISTS. Also including a supplement containing an account of the John Austen Collection by Agnes Lothian, and a short memoir of the author by J.M. & D. Austen. Sheffield: J.W. Northend, 1961. 8vo (248x152mm), xviii,116p. illustrations. A good copy in original cloth. £10.00

18652 (St Helens) BEECHAM, Thomas. BEECHAM'S HELP TO SCHOLARS. New and enlarged edition containing arithmetical tables and signs, weights and measures, tables of the metric system, geographical & drawing definitions. St Helens: Thos. Beecham, November, 1900. Cr.8vo, (140x108mm), 16p. slightly soiled, creased, and with some pencilled marginalia. Original printed wrappers, a little soiled and worn. A handy guide for school children, first issued by Beecham's Pills in July 1889 and claimed to have reached 15 million copies by this edition appeared. The back page advertisement re-states the firm's famous advertising claim that their product is 'Worth a guinea a box.' £20.00

15381 (Stirling) WRIGHT, Joseph. YE'RE A' WELCOME HAME. Tune: The auld house. Stirling: Drummond's Tract Depot, [1870.] Single leaf (112x73mm), printed on both sides on off-white paper, the text set within a thin rule border with corner ornaments. A fragment of paper missing from one edge. Stirling leaflets no. 79. £25.00

17819 (Stratford on Avon) MEDWIN, Thomas Rae. SERMONS PREACHED AT THE CHAPEL OF THE GUILD OF THE HOLY CROSS, Stratford-upon-Avon. [Stratford printing] London: G. Bell. Oxford: J.H. Parker. Stratford-upon-Avon: F. & E. Ward, 1851. 8vo, (177x110mm), [2],239,[1]p. Engraved frontispiece of the Guild Chapel and Grammar School at Stratford. Original blind-blocked cloth, slightly discoloured and a little soiled, backstrip worn at the head and tail. Author's presentation inscription to F.C. Pritchard, dated May 1868, on the front pastedown endleaf, and later bookplate. (Morgan Printing & publishing in Warwickshire p63) Copac locates only the British Library copy of this title. £45.00

20426 (Sunderland) WILDE Oscar. IMPRESSIONS OF AMERICA. Edited with an introduction by Stuart Mason. Sunderland: Keystone Press, 1906. 50 copies on hand-made paper (this copy out-of-series), 8vo, (210x135mm), 40p,  Original printed, pulp-decorated paper wrappers, slightly damaged at the tail of the front cover; preserved in a modern quarter cloth envelope chemise. Number one of the Oscar Wilde Bibelots. £50.00

16541 (Trefriw) EVANS, Evan. LLYTHYR ODDIWRTH Y PARCHEDIG EVAN EVANS, (Gynt o Lanrwst) a Anfonwyd o Affrica, at Eglwys y Methodistiaid Calfinistnidd, yn Llanrwst. At yr hwn y chwanegwyd Rhan o'i Lythyr at ei Riene yn cynnwys talfyriad o Bregeth un o'r Hottentotaid. Trefriw: Argraphwyd gan J. Jones. [1818.] 12mo, (176x108mm), 16p. browned, the title rather soiled. Disbound. £45.00

16542 (Trefriw) JONES, Robert. LLEFERYDD YR ASYN ER GWAHARDD YNFYDRWYDD Y PROPHWYD SEF, COPI O LYTHYR a anfonodd wr Urddaslo [i.e. Zaccheus Hughes], a anfonodd er was i Aflonyddu Addoliad Crefyddol ar Ddydd yr Arglwydd... Trefriw: Argraffwyd gan J. Jones, 1819. 12mo, (176x108mm), 36p. a little browned throughout. Disbound. £35.00

16536 (Trefriw) PARRY, John. MYFYRDOD MEWN MYNWENT. Trefriw: Argraffwyd gan I. Davies, 1814. 12mo, (176x107mm), 16p. slightly soiled. Modern binders' boards. £30.00

18424 (Wakefield) [SHERWOOD, Mary Martha.] THE LITTLE WOODMAN, and his dog Caesar; with other interesting stories. London & Wakefield: W. Nicholson & Sons, [1900?] 8vo, (168x133mm), 158p. +2p publisher's adverts, wood engraved frontispiece, title vignette and several text illustrations. Original cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and blind, joints slightly rubbed, bookplate removed from the front free endleaf; a gift inscription, from Myrtle Point, Oregon dated 1905, on the front free endleaf. 'To inculcate sound religious belief painlessly The little woodman, a tale for the very young of all classes, could hardly have been bettered and, outlasting for generations similar tracts, it remained in print into the twentieth century. Seldom has so much essential tract material been so sensationally presented for children.' (Nancy Cutt, Mrs. Sherwood and her books for children.) £25.00

17813 (Warwick) LANEHAM, Robert. LANEHAM'S LETTER DESCRIBING THE MAGNIFICENT PAGEANTS PRESENTED BEFORE QUEEN ELIZABETH AT KENILWORTH CASTLE IN 1575; repeatedly referred to in the romance of Kenilworth; with an introductory preface, glossarial and explanatory notes. Warwick and Leamington: John Merridew, 1824 8vo, (187x118mm), xviii,104p. wood-engraved frontispiece portrait of Elizabeth I with an aquatint engraving of Kenilworth Castle by J. Bailey after Maria Johnson; near-contemporary half purple calf, marbled paper sides, backstrip rather faded and worn at the head. (Unrecorded in Morgan Printing and Publishing in Warwickshire ) Copac locates only two copies of this provincially published edition. Laneham - described by F.J. Furnival as a 'coxcomb... a most amusing, self-satisfied, rollicking chap' - provides the reader with a view of a world 'permeated with images derived from books of chivalry.' The text provided a major source for Scott's Kenilworth and Laneham himself received a minor role in the romance. Pages 36-8 contain a list of ballads and romances from the collection of his friend Captain Cox of Coventry. Despite the Warwickshire imprint, this edition was printed in London by S. & R. Bentley who also printed the 1821 London edition. £115.00

15266 (Warwick) TWIGGER, H. THE HISTORY OF GUY'S CLIFFE and the old Saxon mill, with poems. Warwick: H. Twigger, [1920s] Cr.8vo, (150x125mm), 9p. pencilled circles on the final blank. Original printed wrappers, a little soiled. A small guide book to this Warwick building - complete with dire threats against those who make 'damaging statements' about the publisher. £6.00

16172 (Wellington) CAMERON, Mrs [Lucy Lyttelton.] THE RAVEN AND THE DOVE. A new edition, London: printed for Houlston and Son, 65, Paternoster-Row, and at Wellington, Salop, 1835. 8vo, (146x90mm), 36p. title vignette and 6 full-page wood-engravings, slight damage to 2 letterpress leaves and some slight soiling. Original printed wrappers, a small piece missing from the head-fore corner of the rear wrapper which also carries an advert for the author's other publications. Previous owner's signatures: Margaret Mercer, February 16 1838, on the title verso and with the forename crossed out, this repeated on the inside of the front wrapper, with Margaret's forename again crossed through and replaced with William and dated July 14th 1842. Despite the London imprint, this edition was printed in Wellington by Houlston's. An uncommon piece by Mrs Sherwood's sister which - rather unusually for her - does not end with the death of the pious of the hero and/or heroine. Copac locates only nine copies of several editions of this book, but none of this particular edition. £50.00

18620 (Wellington) SELECT MAGAZINE THE SELECT MAGAZINE, FOR THE INSTRUCTION AND AMUSEMENT OF YOUNG PERSONS. For the year 1823. Volume IV. Wellington, Salop: printed by F. Houlston and Son, July-December, 1823. 12mo, (174x108mm), iv,384,[4]p.7 engraved plates, the montly parts bound together with a general title, preface and index. Disbound. An uncommon, and short-lived, 'improving' periodical for the young, which includes poetry, short stories, biblical commentaries and articles on astronomy, history, travel and philosophy, &c. £60.00

16148 (Weybridge) STERNE, Laurence. THE LIFE AN OPINIONS OF TRISTRAM SHANDY, GENTLEMAN. [Weybridge printed] London: printed for Walker and Edwards; [and 16 other named London booksellers], 1817. 12mo, (142x76mm), [4],604p. +2p publisher's adverts, engraved frontispiece and vignette title. Untrimmed in original printed boards, rather worn at the edges, lacking the backstrip. Printed in Weybridge by S. Hamilton. An early nineteenth century example of relatively cheap print, in this case set in a small typesize and bound in paper-covered boards, the rear cover carries a priced list of Walker's British Classics series which reflects that present after the conclusion of the text. The prices for books in the series range from one shilling for Falconer's Shipwreck to one guinea for Peter Pindar's Works in 4 volumes. £45.00

16648 (Windsor) GRIFFIN, George [pseud. ie: George CANNING & others.] THE MICROCOSM, A PERIODICAL WORK, ... of the College of Eton. Inscribed to the Rev. Dr. Davies. Third edition, Volume 2 only [of 2], Windsor, Published for C. Knights... and sold by Robinson.... and Debrett, London, 1790. 12mo, (175x100mm), x,228p. slightly browned throughout. Contemporary sprinkled calf, very worn and the backstrip largely lacking, bookplate of the Gibraltar Garrison Library. The pseudonym of the author covers the writings of George Canning, Charles Ellis, Hookham Frere, and John and Robert Smith. This volume includes an essay on 'Mr. Newbery's little books, recommended in preference to novels.' £45.00

17832 (Woking) HOFLAND, Mrs [Barbara]. THE YOUNG CADET. New edition, London: Arthur Hall, Virtue & Co., [1855.] 12mo, (165x102mm), xii,166p. Engraved frontispiece and title-page, some spotting. Original blue diagonal wave-grain cloth, lettered and blocked in gilt and blind, joints and edges rubbed, modern bookplate Printed in Woking by J. Billing, The Young Cadet is couched in the form of a journal which provides a vehicle for Hofland to describe Indian manners, places, habits, beliefs, and so on and in so doing to justify the British presence there. There is no story as such, but there are many enlivening, exciting episodes. Overall, the book is a successful attempt to add a measure of enjoyment to the traditional geographical and historical text-book. In this edition, which is unlocated on Copac, a new address to the reader, dated 1836, notes that the account the Burmese war has been omitted as althought topical at the time of its original publication in 1827, interest had declined. Hofland also confesses to have borrowed heavily from Emma Roberts' Scenes and Characteristics of Hindostan. £40.00

17840 (Worcester) GRIFFITH, George. RIBBESFORD AND OTHER POEMS. [Second edition], Worcester: printed for the author by Parry & Co. London: Simpkin, Marshall, 1859. 8vo, (199x126mm), [6],270p. some light spotting of the tiel and the paper lightly discoloured throughout. Original blind-blocked bead-grain cloth, rebacked, some fading, backstrip worn at the head and tail, bookplate. An uncommon example of English provincial verse, Copac locating only five copies of the three editions that appeared and only the BL copy of this edition. The author's notes are appended to many of the poems. £40.00

19183 (Wrexham) BIBLE 1813 Welsh. Y BIBL SANCTAIDD; yr Hen Destament a'r Newydd: gyda nodau eglurhaol, a dosparthiadau ar gynnwydsaid y pennodau, Gan y parch. Samuel Clark. Hefyd, holl nodau cyfeiriol y parch. John Brown, ar ymyl y ddalen. Gwedi eu cyfieithu i'r Gymraeg, er budd i'r Cymry' allan o'r argraffiad diweddaf yn saesoneg; gan John Humphreys. Gwrecsam [Wrexham]: J. Painter, 1813. Folio, (428x260mm), unpaginated but collates: [1 leaf], a2, [b1], A-14K2, [14L1]; some faint staining to several leaves at the sgtart of the text block, occasional marinal handing treats with a larger tear in 9U1 and some leaves dog-eared at the tail-fore corner, together with some relatively unobttusive handing marks here and there but general a quite acceptable copy of a lectern Bible. Contemporary calf, a little worn and rubbed and the corner tips worn, panel ornamented with a discrete blind roll on the front and rear covers, on each of which there ar also five brass studs, with the backstrip compartments tooled in blind between stained bands. An uncommon Welsh lectern bible of which we can locate only four copies (National Library of Wales, Cardiff University Library, British Library, & Bodleian Library) and a rare North Wales printing of the Bible in Welsh. Prior to Painter's pioneering edition the Bible in Welsh had been printed in the principality in Carmarthen and Trevecka in the South and in Caernarvon in the North-West; this edition is however, the first to be printed in the more English-speaking North-East of the country. It has been noted by at least one authority of the history of the book in Wales that while you could occasionally sell a Welsh-language book printed in the North in South Wales, you could not sell a South Wales printed book in the North. Even in Wales printers treated their national tongue as a foreign language and John Painter wrote to one of his customers that 'for all works printed in a Language different from English it is a Rule in our trade to charge 2/- per sheet extra.' (Rees, The Welsh book-trade before 1820); Painter perhaps sought to make this doubtless expensive publication more 'affordable' to Welsh-speaker in the North by issuing it in 62 parts and there is visible evidence in some sections of this volume for those parts having been stab-sewn. £195.00

15992 (Wrexham) KEMPIS, Thomas a. PATTRWN Y GWIR-GRISTION: nwu ddiliyniad Iesu Grist. A 'scrifenwyd gynta' yn Lladin. Ngwrecsam [Wrexham]: R. Marsh, 1775. 8vo, (155x97mm), vi,265p. browned throughout, text block loose in extremely worn contemporary sheep. A rare Welsh-language edition of the Imitato Christi, a copy of this edition is in the National Library of Wales; however, there is no record on ESTC which offers only one Eighteenth-century Welsh edition subjectively dated to 1768 which itself is located in only a single copy.  £80.00

16126 (York) COOK, Thomas. THE UNIVERSAL LETTER-WRITER: or, new art of polite correspondence. Containing a course of interesting original letters, on the most instructive, and entertaining subjects. [York printed] London: printed for A, Millar, W. Law, and R. Cater; and for Wilson, Spence, and Mawman, York, 1796. 8vo, (168x105mm), 228p. Engraved frontispiece by Darton & Harvey. Contemporary (?original) sheep, worn and with some loss of leather from the edges. A rare edition of this title (ESTC locates only two copies) of a typical false imprint from the York firm of Wilson, Spence and Mawman. In this instance they have included both of their apparently preferred methods of giving their books spurious London imprints by including in the imprint well-known or respected members of the London trade with whom they had no connection and who were either long-dead or to whom they gave false initials, in this instance Andrew Miller (arguably the bete noir of the provincial book trade) had died in 1768, and William Law in c.1779, while R. Cater is utterly fictitious and is probably aimed at William Cater who died in or about 1776. £100.00

13470 (York) MURRAY, Lindley. ENGLISH GRAMMAR, adapted to the different classes of learners. With an appendix, containing rules and observations, for assisting the more advanced students to write with perspicuity and accuracy. Thirty-second edition, York: printed by Thomas Wilson & Sons for Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown and for Darton and Harvey, London: Wilson and Sons, York, 1819. 8vo, (180x105mm), 348p. some spotting. Modern binders' quarter buckram. (Darton, The Dartons G678(31)) Rare, Darton recorded that he had been unable to locate a copy of this edition, a statement supported by a search of COPAC which records four UK locations, but all for an microfilm copies of American editions of the same year. Given that Murray was the most important grammarian writing at the time and that his books were reprinted more or less annually until the middle of the century, the survival rate of copies is remarkable small. £50.00

19345 (Yorkshire) ELLIS, Frank. SOMEWHERE IN FRANCE and other poems. London: J.W. Frings, 1918. Cr.8vo, (167x105mm), 88p. A good copy in original stiff wrappers. Bound in to this copy is a slip of paper addressed to a correspondent whose name has been partly lost stating that 'Somewhere in France now reprinting another copy will be sent shortly.' An uncommon collection of poems from the First World War; COPAC locates only five copies. Printed by W.H. Smith at their Yorkshire Printing Works. £40.00

12824 (York) WALKINGAME, Francis. THE TUTOR'S ASSISTANT; being a compendium of arithmetic, and a complete question-book... A new edition, corrected, and every question worked anew, by T.Crosby. York: printed by and for Thomas Wright and Sons, in High-Ousegate, 1818. 12mo in 6s, (171x104mm), 192p. engraved folding frontispiece, the text browned and spotted throughout. Contemporary (?original) sheep, worn, the front joint split. Two early signatures, of  Alice Hewlle and Anna Huntley on the front pastedown endleaf. A York printing of a popular maths textbook, which saw thirty or so editions in the second half of the 18th century, mainly from London but also provincial printings from Birmingham, Gainsborough, Manchester, Uttoxeter and York. Many more editions were to follow in the 19th century including printings in Toronto and Montreal. £35.00

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